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Welcome to Dota 2 Freaks – this page is for all who love to play Dota 2. No matter if you are playing since Dota 1 or if you are a new player, on this page you can find game basics, lists, beginner guides and also advanced guides.

What you can find here:

  • Dota 2 Beginner Tips:

    Any question you ever had has to be answered, the Dota 2 world is big, but with some basic tips and advice it’s easy to master and you will make big steps. Inhale our Dota 2 starter guides and level up your playstyle!

  • Super Unique and Personal Dota 2 Hero Guides:

    I am publishing super unique hero guides for Dota 2 – the focus on these guides lies on the personal perspective. The tips are extremely personal and show you a way how any hero can own the whole battlefield. In the guide section I collect guides from players where they only write a guide about their best, favorite and most played hero. If you also have a special way to play your best hero, you can submit your personal Dota 2 guide.

  • TeamTactics for Dota 2 Clans and Friends (2-5 players):

    You know what’s awesome in Dota 2? If you have a bunch of tactics you can shoot out, where you know that they are strong. Beside beeing a good picker, known Dota 2 strategies and synergies of each meta are key to have success with parties in ranked matches.

  • Dota 2 News, New Heroes and Patch Updates:

    The game is developing fast, stay always up to date and learn how you can profit from new patch updates. In the tools section I publish all of the apps, tools and websites that are useful to be a successfull player in the Dota 2 universe.

  • E-Sport Coverage of Dota 2 Events and Pro Players:

    Find E-Sport Income lists of all Dota 2 Progamers, their personal story and clan history. The Dota 2 International events got an incredible price pool every year, which pro teams will get the next trophy?

About Dota 2 Freaks

On Dota 2 Freaks I list all of the questions new players have. A lot of stuff that is clear to every experienced player is hard to find for newcomers. The onboarding into Dota 2 is quite difficult, every new Dota 2 player has to learn so much: All of the heroes, items, spells and game mechanics.

On Dota 2 players I try to help and answer all of the questions – of course also advanced and pro tips are gathered and collected to allow increasing your MMR. Save a bookmark of Dota 2 Freaks and come back. Any support is wanted.

See you online & have fun playing! 😉