Best Dota 2 Custom Maps Toplist of Dota 2 Funmaps

In Dota 2 you can play custom fun maps if you click on the Arcade button inside the game.
Which are the most played and best Dota 2 fun maps of all time

#Map NamePlayersTypeRating
1Dota Auto Chess Map StartDota Auto Chess8PVP Game
2OverthrowOverthrow 2.010-24Survive and Win
3Dota 2 Map Grand MagusGrand Magus2-10Steal Spells
4Dota 2 ColosseumColosseum10King of the Hill
5Long Pudge HookPudge Wars2-10Hook Wars
6Dota Imba Custom MapDota IMBA2-20Arena Mode
7Dota 10 v 102010 vs 10
8Dota 2 Bleach vs One PieceBleach Vs One Piece reborn5-10Deathmatch
9Dota 2 Roshan Pit ChampionsRosh Pit Champions 3.05-10Team Survival
10Dota Run2-10Racing

Dota Underlords versus Dota Auto Chess:

1. Dota Auto Chess is the Best Dota 2 Funmap of Alltime:

Dota Auto Chess

Game ModePVP Game.
Players8 players, 8 by 8 board.

Dota Auto Chess arised to one of the best and most popular fun maps in Dota 2 history: In just a few months it got more than 700.000 users playing it, this number shocked the whole Dota 2 community as well as Valve itself. This map was a wonder and created the biggest hype for a funmap in the whole Dota 2 time and that after years. It’s not one of the old or first maps, it’s a new one and it broke all records! πŸ˜‰

What is Dota Auto Chess?

Dota Auto Chess BookIt is a fun map inside Dota 2 and in Dota Auto Chess you can select specific hero compositions that fight against the enemy in round-based fights. The concept of Dota Auto Chess is quite different from other arcade games. Auto Chess is a strategic and tactical board game, and killing skills are not enough to stand in this map. To Nail the Auto Chess map, it is necessary to have a vital brain – the use of the mind is more important than aggressive skills.
Dota 2 Auto Chess Beginner Guide

Dota Auto Chess Gameplay:

The gameplay of Dota Auto Chess is a bit similar to real chess. It has an 8×8 chessboard, and players have to pick heroes one by one according to the gold.Dota Auto Chess Screenshot Later on you can upgrade those heroes to make them stable and deploy them correctly on the chessboard. Your heroes have to fight against other enemy teams because there is a total of 8 teams in one match. You will compete in a series of one-on-one matches. The longer you survive, the harder it gets.

Valve jumped onto the hype and created Dota Underlords:

The above features are the main reason that made Dota Auto Chess to the best Arcade game of 2019. The best of Auto Chess is, it is free to play. Dota UnderlordsMoreover, on 14, June 2019 Valve released a new standalone Steam game similar to Auto Chess called as Dota Underlords. Auto Chess lovers are swapping Auto Chess with UnderLord because both of them have the same gameplay concept but Dota Underlords has even more depth and balancing updates.

2. Dota 2 Overthrow 2.0 Funmap (Quick Deathmatch Rounds)


Game ModeSurvive and Win
Players10-24 players

Before Dota Auto Chess came, Overthrow was the leader of the Dota 2 fun maps. In Normal and Ranked match-making, you have to spend an average of 30-40 minutes. However, Overthrow is entirely different from it: You do not have to worry about the farm – you do not have to make strategies.

Dota Overthrow Gameplay:

The object of Overthrow is to vanish the enemies and be the team with the most kills or goal number of kills in a specific time. You get respawned instantly, get more gold, and the map is super-small. Sometimes the match is getting so aggressive and chaotic that it’s hard to see which players are your allies and which one are enemies! πŸ˜‰

Tips and Tricks to win Dota 2 Overthrow:

  • Stay near to the Midas Throne that is in the middle of the map: If you stand inside the circle it will give your hero extra gold as well as experience over time.Dota Overthrow Screenshot
  • Beware of your enemies in the start, dodge fights and once you got a bit stronger target the weakest heroes on the map that you can instantly eliminate.
  • Pick heroes that have high kill potential, carries, strong tanks or supports with high burst damage and low cooldowns are the best heroes for Overthrow.
  • After every few seconds, a giant gold coin will pop up near the throne, pick up as much as you can to get heavy and expensive items.
  • But what is even more effective to win are the extra items that come every few minutes: The courier is starting in the middle and is bringing the supply package to the pinged area on the map. Catch your ally and move to it every single time, if you are going together and can create dominance, it will work out often. At the time of the dropoff, everyone that is near will get blasted back, that means blinking heroes and daggers are required to get the items.
  • Victory is completely based on the number of kills. It is necessary to pick high damage dealing heroes instead of vulnerable heroes.

Overthrow is really fun to play and a no-brainer, if you don’t have enough time for a real Dota 2 match jump into an Overthrow arena and practice carrying and your reflexes.

3. Grand Magus ( Spell Steal Map)

Dota 2 Map Grand Magus

Game ModeSteal Spell
Players2-10 players

Dota 2 Grand Magus ScreenshotGrand Magus is one of the most fantastic fun map for a group of friends. It is most popular among friends that play in a party, to have some fun. In Grand Magus every player gets a Rubick, the master of mind games in Dota 2! πŸ˜‰

Rubick spawns with three spells (including active and passive) you have to get the fourth one on your own.

At spawn your Hero also has some escape and regeneration items inside the inventory such as Force Staff, Blind, EULs, and a Magic Wand – that means it’s the perfect setup for a skillfull Rubick action game!

Quick Gameplay Explanation of Grand Magus:

At first, you have four options: The fourth spell on Kill, on use, on Death or Every X seconds. Most players select on kill, whenever your hero will eliminate an enemy, it will get a new fourth spell.

The winner’s conditions are also in your hands, reach the goal (number of kills) to win, get the most kills in a limited time, the one with least deaths wins the most amount of rounds. It is efficient to select the number of goal kills. It is the best combination with a new spell on every kill. Grand Magus is a map that can take your boredom away, make a party of friends and you will have much fun. Guaranteed fun-factor and skill improver!

4. Dota 2 Colosseum Arcade Map:

Dota 2 Colosseum

Game ModeKing of the Hill
Players10 players

After Overthrow, Colosseum is the second custom game that Valve officialy launched. People went crazy for it because of its Halloween theme. It came on Halloween, and the concept of this fun map is also quite exciting and funny.

Dota Colosseum with King of the Hill Gameplay:

In Colosseum, two teams compete and try to push each other to the wall. Each team has to capture five points on the map. Each location is pointed on the map. After obtaining three points out of five, your team will get points. This mode is called King of the Hill.

Having more points on the map saved means your team is the King of the Hill now.
The team that will achieve the milestone of 5000 team points first will be considered as the winning team.

How to play Dota Colosseum?

  • Your priority is to capture all the points. Move your hero to a control point.
  • Colosseum Dota Funmap ScreenshotIt takes some time to control a point, but if you have more heroes, you can capture it faster.
  • You can divide your team into 2 and 3.
  • After capturing three points, you can go for more. It will increase the number of team points.
  • Colosseum does not have the same items as in the standard matches.
  • Abilities of some heroes are also modified. Do not forget to check the details of each spell.

Play as a team and keep each other back. Otherwise, the enemy will scatter your team into pieces. Moreover, do not forget to keep an eye on your control points because the enemy can control it again.

5. Dota 2 Pudge Wars – Hook Wars

Dota 2 Pudge Wars

Game ModeHooks War
Players2 to 10

Hooks are one of the best and most famoust abilities in Dota 2 that every player loves to use: You throw out your angle and look if the fish gets caught! πŸ˜€

Pudge Warsis making the Dota community crazy since Dota 1. Yes! It was also a part of Dota 1. It usually is a 5v5 game, but you can also make it equally custom.

Dota 2 Pudge Wars Gameplay:

Each player has a Pudge with a much sturdy hook. The goal is to hook the Pudges of the enemy team that is standing on the other side of the uncrossable river.Pudge Wars Screenshot One perfect catch and one opponent will be eliminated and after a few seconds he gets respawned. You can select your goal kills 50, 100 or 150 kill. The team that will complete the goal first will win.

Hook Training to get better with Pudge:

Pudge Wars is a map that is especially effective for Pudge players: It helps a lot in improving your hooking ability. Pudge wars will help you to make a perfect hook in ordinary and ranked matchmaking. It will also increase the possibility of making perfect blind hooks. πŸ˜‰

6. Dota IMBA – A Diverse Custom Dota 2 Fun Map

Dota Imba Custom Map

Game ModeArena Mode
Players2 to 20

Dota Imba is also a pre-existing fun map of Dota 2. However, Dota Imba is an interesting quiet map, but sometimes it even gets irritating.

Dota Imba Gameplay & Spell Spamming:

In Dota IMBA, most of the heroes do not have any ability cooldowns and mana cost. It is not applied to every hero because some heroes would not even let you come out of the base, such as Invoker, Zeus, Gyrocopter, etc.

Dota 2 Imba Spell SpammingThe gold per minute and XP is different from regular matches, and it makes the map more interesting. The map is a little bit darker and foggy than usual because if there is too much sight, then the game will go out of hands. Sometimes this fun map turns into irritating maps because of we players, and they start spamming one spell again and again. It has no fun in it.

To win, you have to destroy enemy teams shrine but do not rush for it. First of all, have some fun in killing enemy heroes. Later on, focus on the Ancient.

7. Dota 10 v 10 ( Battle Royale Map)

Dota 2 10 versus 10

Game Mode10 v 10 Battle Royale
Players20 players

The most epic Battle Royale map is Dota 10v10. It is the same as the normal matchmaking, but the number of players is twice as before. Each team has 10 players instead of 5. No other alterations are made, the same map like before, no ability improvements, same mana cost, and mana cooldown. However, yeah! Few things are different more bloodshed, more aggressive play, and most great animations.
10 versus 10 in Dota 2Dota 10v10 is inspired by the All-star match at The International 2015. It was the most epic and fantastic match because most of the players were from the audience, and where Dendi was wearing a pudge costume. It was an epic game the game wholly twisted in the last few minutes (it is recommended to watch that match). That match inspired the Valve, and here we are now we can also play Dota 2 10v10.

Note: The team that will destroy the enemy teams ancient, will be victorious.

8. Bleach Vs. One Piece Reborn – Dota 2 Anime Funmap

Dota 2 Bleach vs One Piece

Game ModeDeathmatch
Players5-10 players

There is a saying in the gaming community that gamers have few things in common: They can play games all night long, they like the Joker (Heath Ledger), and they love to watch anime. Valve took this last saying so seriously that they came up with a new concept of a map. Bleach vs. One Piece Reborn, it includes all famous and badass anime characters, including Zoro.

Anime Dota 2 Funmap with Bleach and One Piece characters:

Bleach vs. One Piece Reborn is a Deathmatch Arena, and it has a total number of 37 anime characters in it. Each character has unique skills. Some heroes seem quite unbalance, but over time, the gameplay gets normal.
Dota 2 Anime CharactersYour main goal is to eliminate the enemy and complete the goal before anyone else does. Build items according to your heroes abilities and knock as many enemies as you can. Divine Rapier and the Orb ofΒ  Frost are the game-winning items, get your hands on them and will nail the whole match.

Note: All the characters used in this fun map is copyright free, maybe some aspects are unbalanced, but it will fix soon. The items are not the same as the normal Dota 2 items, so do not forget to read the description on it.

9.Β Roshan Pit Champions 3.0 – Dota 2 Roshan Fun Map

Dota 2 Roshan Pit Champions

Game ModeTeam Survival
Players5-10 players

What is Dota 2 Roshan Pit Champions?

Who does not love Roshan the Immortal? πŸ˜€
Since the launch of Dota 2 reborn, Roshan pit champion is the most extensive and impressive custom game. It is more like a team survival match because the main goal is to stand with the team till the end. Roshan is not the only enemy that you will face this map is filled with many dangerous and potent creeps.

Your team has to get into Roshan’s dungeon where you will face a wave of powerful creeps, each wave will increase your heroes XP, and you will receive gold. Use that gold efficiently because there are no chances of a mistake.

How to play Roshan Pit Champions?

You will find a massive amount of items as loot, but you would not get it quickly. So, do not act greedy and play along with your team. The longer your team will stay in the dungeon, the harder it will get to survive each wave. To survive each onslaught, you have to act as a team, means you need at least two attackers,Β  one support, and two tanks. Focus on your items, do not go for complete damage items because if you go for more damage, then you have less HP to survive. Some monster deals massive damage your hero will die in a few hits.

10. Dota 2 Run – Custom Kart Fun Map

Dota 2 Run Funmap Kart

Game ModeRacing
Players2-10 players

Have you ever played Lego Kart, Mario racing Kart or any other Kart racing game? Dota Run is the same as that with advanced features and UI. In this Dota 2 fun map, up to 10 Mirana’s get into a Kart and race with each other. During the race, they will face multiple obstacles, power-ups, items to tease each other, and many more.

Do you know Run Kitty Run from Dota 1? It is pretty much the same and always fun! πŸ˜‰

How to play Dota 2 Run?

Your player has to complete three to four rounds on the map, and the player with the highest point will win. When it comes to obstacles, there are many funny and epic obstacles in Dota 2 Run. Pudge hooks will come from nowhere, and you will find Techies bombs, mini Centaur creeps that will disturb your path, that’s not it, Earthshaker will block your paths and screw your Karts.Dota Racing ScreenshotYou will find some essential items during the race. However, in the start, you will get force staff to get out of steaky obstacles. Keep one thing in mind the cooldown of Force Staff is way longer than the regular game, so use it in critical situations. Sometimes you will feel like everything is perfect now then suddenly a Magnus will rush towards your and hit your kart like a rock.

Use all the dirty tricks you have in your pocket because winning is your priority – do not let your enemies win. If you want to have fun during the game, then play with at least 10 Players.


What is your favorite Dota 2 Custom Map? Do you love to place Dota Arcade mode? Also checkout the Dota bot lobby guide.

Tell us in the comments, which map is the best and why! πŸ˜‰

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