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What’s inside?
Complete Introduction for Dota Auto Chess: How to play it, understand the gameplay basics & simple tips to win matches.

Chapter 1: How to play Dota Auto Chess

Did you know that Auto Chess is the most popular Dota 2 custom map from all time? It’s a mod inside the Dota client that is addicting and fun to play!

At first, let’s make sure you are able to play the game. πŸ˜‰

Dota Auto Chess

What is Dota Auto Chess?

The Dota 2 custom fun map has been developed by Drodo Studio in January 2019. It is a turn-based tactical strategy game based on an 8×8 chessboard. Auto Chess is quite different compared to normal Dota 2. You have to compete along with seven other players in multiple rounds. Dota Auto Chess MapAuto Chess is a strategic game, you do not have to spend time controlling your heroes because the gameplay mechanics are dependent on AI (it take care of the controls).
Therefore it’s necessary to play smart, but not necessary to have fast reactions.

How can I play Auto Chess?

It’s super simple to play Dota Auto Chess and absolutely free: You have to install Dota 2 inside your Steam client. After the successful installation of Dota 2, run the game and find the Arcarde tab on top. How to play dota 2 auto chess On the Arcade page, search for Auto Chess. Now you need to install Dota Auto Chess, it just takes a few seconds. Once the game is installed the “Play” button will appear. Click on the button and the game finder will automatically queue you into the next Auto Chess match!

How did Dota Auto Chess become popular?

There were multiple reasons behind the popularity of Dota 2 Auto Chess:

  • After the release of the game, many popular Dota 2 streamers played Auto Chess and gave tremendous feedback – they were addicted. The streamers gave Auto Chess a boost towards popularity, the game became a “word of mouth” and all hardcore fans followed it.
  • Dota Auto Chess was the first mod with high-quality card gameplay mechanics. Moreover, the concept attracted all the players who like to play strategic games.
  • Almost every Dota 2 fan is following professional Dota 2 players. Therefore, live interviews were conducted to know their opinions and the outcome was awesome. After the release of a couple of interviews, Auto Chess reached place #1 of the played Dota 2 mods with a high distance to other Top Dota 2 Funmaps.

Chapter 2: Dota Auto Chess Gameplay Basics

Let’s jump directly into the game: If you start your first Dota Auto Chess match a lot of questions arise:

What is the main gameplay, what should you focus on and which heroes are strong?
To clarify the basics here is a short overview!

Dota Auto Chess Gameplay

Dota Auto Chess Gameplay Basics for Beginners:

Like in chess, the fun map Dota Auto Chess requires your skill and decisions to beat the opponent in every single round. It’s simple to learn the basics and the ranking system is quite competitive and a bit like the Dota 2 ranks system!

  • The Dota Auto Chess Main Gameplay:

    Auto Chess is a completely different game besides traditional Dota 2. It has a total number of 8 players and a fair amount of rounds until the winner is decided. Instead of an open environment, the game includes an 8×8 chessboard. You will place your heroes on the chessboard and make them fight against the enemy heroes. Auto Chess includes both PVP and PVE – hence if you want to improve your skills, start with PVE.

    Dota Auto Chess Map StartThe first three rounds of the game are the most critical ones because you have to build up your resources and develop a strategy that will help overwhelming the enemy from the start. If you cannot build a good strategy then monitor your enemies and analyze what they are trying to do. Then you can counter their strategy.
    Tip: View each board before your turn to get more information.

    Every hero has two types of abilities: passive and active. The concept of both abilities are similar to Dota 2, passive abilities work without any mana and do not need an action to trigger. On the other hand, the active ability requires mana and has a cooldown and requires an action to trigger.

    With every round you will receive XP and gold, you can use that gold for multiple benefits, but always spend it wisely! πŸ˜‰

  • The First Actions you have to Perform in Auto Chess:

    When the game starts, your first step has to be purchasing a hero/card from the shop and deploy it on the board. The shop includes a random pool; hence do not expect too much from it: After every round, the pool is reset and you will see different heroes.

    In case you want to save your favorite heroes for the next round then you can lock the cards. The slots will not be shuffled. Click on the padlock button on the top left of the screen. It will lock the heroes and provide you with the opportunity to buy them in the next round. πŸ˜‰

  • Combine your Heroes to make them Stronger:

    Auto Chess has an amazing feature to make your heroes stronger: Each card is represented by a star, you can combine similar heroes with a similar star to level them up:
    Three heroes of one star can be sacrificed to get one from the higher level.
    Example: Three heroes with one-star can be leveled up into one two-star hero. In the opening selection, analyze the shop clearly if you have the same type of heroes and then use the lock feature. Later on, you can use them for the merging process. However, if you do not get the heroes that you were planning to get then use the re-roll feature. It will reset the hero pool and new heroes will appear. Unfortunately, re-roll requires resources and in the early game, this move is not recommended.

  • Pick the Loot in Auto Chess:

    Once the combat has started, you do not have to perform any action until the fight ends unless small gift packages start dropping on the board. Small gifts will drop when you eliminate enemies: right-click on the gifts to pick them up. Later on, you can check the items in your inventory and open them up. The gifts will include robust items that can apply a buff on your heroes. Moreover, some items can also be combined to make one dominating item with immense power.

Chapter 3: Dota Underlords Tips and Tricks

Auto Chess Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks to Win More Matches in Auto Chess:

  • Do not spend unnecessary gold in the starting rounds. Save as much gold as you can and use them in the mid-game and give a final blow that will make your enemy cripple.
  • Dota 2 Auto Chess has two features to increase the gold even more:
    Stacked GoldPlayers will receive interest on stacked gold. For each 10 gold you get 1 extra gold at the end of the round.
    Winning and Losing StreaksBoth winning and losing streak provides extra gold to the player. A streak of 3 gives one extra gold.
    Use these two tricks and enhance your gold. It will help you in the late game to buy higher rank/star heroes.
  • Dota Auto Chess ScreenshotFor beginner players it is better to stick on to one or two strategies, being diversified will make you confused. Mech and Elf are the best strategies for beginner players, you can give a tough time to your opponent.
  • As discussed before, Dota 2 Auto Chess has a variety of different classes. However, exploring all of them is not that easy but always keep race traits in mind. These small chunks of knowledge can save you in critical situations. Especially when you are a bit tight on the budget and want to dominate your enemy.
  • If you want your favorite heroes to reach their full potential then deploy it on a good place on the board. A strong hero, deployed on a wrong place is no better than a 1-star her. For example; place your long-range and healing heroes on the backline, tank heroes in the front, to protect from upcoming attacks. The main assets are the assassins, keep them on the sides so they can eliminate the backline of the enemy.

Advanced Tips for Dota 2 Auto Chess:

  • To win the match in the end, do not spend gold every round casually. You don’t have to spend something: Always keep more than 10 gold in your pocket and keep increasing the number every round. This will give you some comfort that you have extra gold in your pocket which you can use later for re-rolling, merging and many more.
  • Dota Auto Chess WinnerAuto Chess is a game that is not predictable, therefore you need to flexible: Try to enhance your adapting skills so you can perform actions according to the situation.
  • Most of the players make a silly mistake, they think that having too many heroes on the board will make them win. However, it is completely wrong because once the preparation timer has run out, the game will automatically bench your lowest cost minions to meet the total. This move will completely ruin your strategy, you have to look after every chance of preparing and work fast.
  • Dota 2 Auto Chess provides items on creep waves. Do not ignore those items because you can save them for the late game. Use the items for strong combos or save them for your upcoming heroes. Minor items can give a massive benefit to some of your heroes. Example: An armor increase is epic for tank heroes and mana regeneration is amazing for mages.
  • With the help of your saved gold, surpass your enemy. Wait! How? You can spend some gold and buy XP points. It will boost the leveling process and will provide you with some benefits such as power heroes in your shop and a can change the strength of your heroes completely, this unleashes a snowballing victory. πŸ˜‰

Chapter 4: Comparisson – Dota Underlords vs. Dota Auto Chess

Auto Chess vs Dota Underlords

Dota 2 Auto Chess vs Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords is a standalone version of Dota 2 Auto Chess. After the success of Dota Auto Chess, Valve decided to release a completely new game for it – but which game is better?

Find the Guide for Dota Underlords here:

Dota Underlords Beginner BookTo checkout Dota Underlords, I recommend the Dota Underlords beginner guide, which contains everything you need to have a basic knowledge.

Underlords has a few more details, a better matchmaking and even a seasonal pass!
View Dota Underlord Beginner Guide

What are the Differences and Similarities?


  • The functional mechanics of both games are similar.
  • The strategies you will learn in Auto Chess can also be used in Dota Underlords.
  • The Gold, XP and interest rate is also similar to Dota Underlords.
  • The gameplay of both games is also similar.


  • Auto Chess only consumes a small chunk of your memory and puts less pressure on your processor. On the other hand, Dota Underlords has more advanced graphics and features that make it robust.
  • Β Auto Chess does not have any in-game purchases like a Season pass.
  • Auto Chess has fewer items as compared to Dota Underlords. Moreover, the attributes of some of the items are different from Underlords.
  • In Auto Chess, there are no global items that can provide passive benefits to the heroes.

Conclusion: Why is Dota 2 Auto Chess so great?

Dota Auto Chess Fight

  • Dota 2 Auto Chess is a great game for beginners who want to enhance their tactical skills.
  • You would not find any major bugs in the game, it’s quite stable and finished.
  • The more you play it the more addictive it is.

What is your opinion about Dota 2 Auto Chess? What’s better Auto Chess or Underlords? πŸ˜‰

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