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What’s inside?
The carry is like the scorer in soccer: Carries get the most attention – therefore they have to deliver. Learn today what is needed to perform well as a carry and how to bring the win home safely.

Chapter 1: Dota 2 Carry Basics

WTF is a carry? Let’s clarify the dimensions and the separation of a hard carry and semi carry.

What’s so special about them in Dota 2?

Antimage Carry Dota 2

Introduction: What is a
Carry Hero in Dota?

Hi, welcome to this Dota 2 Carry Guide I am happy you are here! 🙂 You’ll learn amazing concepts and a lot of mechanics I’ve gathered from pro players.
By the time you finish reading this guide, you will have learned a lot of tricks and be ready to boost your MMR as the carry player in your team.
pa-carry A carry is the position 1 of the team (Position 1-5 Overview), that means he is the number one priority core hero inside the game. This hero is usually really weak by himself in the early game, but with the help of his supports, he can start getting kills and assists.

The carries job is to farm as much as he can and buy the right items for team fights. Usually, he is the one dealing physical damage. This hero role is known to be “online” during the late game. This phase of the game is his moment to shine and shows everybody that farming this much is worth it. Of course, you will have to know where to farm and when to fight… 😉

Why are Carries important
to Win Dota 2 Matches?

Carries might seem really weak and squishy during the first 15 minutes of the game, but once they build a fast big item, they can start making an impact in the game! Most of the time, they’re the ones dealing physical damage like Phantom Assassin, Drow Ranger or Juggernaut and your team will need you especially in the late game.

Dota 2 Spectre CarryThey’re really relevant because, at some point, they start creating space or cutting waves to prevent the enemy from pushing. They can even solo Roshan the Immortal sometimes with a Double Damage Rune! And in big team fights, having an item like Black King Bar (BKB) can make a difference on a Phantom Assasin, for example.

Other carries tend to be pushers like Anti Mage. These heroes will focus on pushing lanes and forcing TPs back. These will give some time to farm to your team. But, you will have to make an equilibrium between pushing and fighting because you cannot leave your team alone all the time.

The Two Types of Carries:

So, carries are devided into two subcategories called Hard Carry and Semi Carry, but both share the same objectives.

  • Dota 2 Hard Carries:

    These are heroes that have more late-game potential like Phantom Assassin, Terrorblade, Spectre or Medusa. Once the game reached the late game, they become really strong and hard to kill. Besides, with the right late game items, they can kill almost the entire team with almost no help. Semi Carry or Hard Carry The cons are that they’re usually weak in the early game and they have to farm a lot.

  • Dota 2 Semi Carries:

    These are heroes that do not require so much farm to start generating impact in the mid game or getting involved in fights. However, if the game reaches the late game, they will not be as strong as in early and mid game. Some examples are Lina, Queen of Pain, Ursa.

Also use this knowledge if you play against semi or hard carries:
If there’s a Phantom Assassin on the enemy team, the best thing you can do is push and end the game as soon as possible.

To find great synergies together with a strong support hero you can checkout the Dota 2 hero combo page:
Dota 2 Hero Combos

Chapter 2: Dota 2 Beginner Carry Guide

To be a really good carry, you’ll need to learn some mechanics. At first, you’ll find them a bit hard, but after some practice, you’ll end up mastering them all!

Learn how to behave in team fights and which items are essential…

Carry Tips and Tricks

The Dota 2 Carry Mechanics You Need to Learn:

Here are the five main mechanics to get great at carrying games! Are you ready? 😀

  • Last Hitting and Farming:

    That was obvious, but it’s all about the gold advantage in Dota 2: Farming is a complicated task. As a carry you need to be farming all the time.

    Jungle Farming as a CarryIf you just stay in the lane doing nothing, you’re wasting time. If you cannot reach the creep wave because the enemy offlane is too aggressive, then you need to go to the jungle and farm a bit creep spot until those creeps reach your tower and you can farm safely!

    In the best case your support doubled creep spots for you through stacking. 😉

    As a carry, your goal should be to have 10 last hits per minute. If you’re not able to do this, then you have to be creative and start stacking in the jungle or tell your support to do it. Don’t forget to get the denies as well and don’t let the enemy deny the ranged creep, they give more gold and experience!

    You have to know your hero’s base damage. If you don’t feel comfortable last hitting and you feel like you’re missing a lot of creeps, then try buying a Quelling Blade. This item increases the attack damage against creeps. Buy it only if you’re a melee hero. 😉

  • Knowing when to Farm and when to Fight:

    This is a mistake that almost every carry makes! They start fighting, but without items and what happens is that they die and lose their gold. If you know you need to recover or you’re farming for a big item, then it’s not a good idea to fight. You can only fight when you have items that help you kill or survive.Farming Safelane Dota 2 Don’t take the risk and finish your items!

    If you have a good game and you’re not dying a lot, but still you need to farm, then you can farm but near your allies, so you can get involved easily if a team fight is happening.
    Tip: Train your inner patience – don’t get greedy before you are not strong at all.

  • Dota 2 Carry Hero Item Decisions:

    Evaluating the Need of BKB:
    Black King Bar Time
    Sometimes, you’re gonna deal with a lot of stuns and hex that will not allow you to kill enemies. If this happens, then going for an early Black King Bar (BKB) is a really good idea because it makes no point buying physical damage items like Monkey King Bar if you’re gonna be stunned the whole fight. BKB starts with a duration of 10 seconds and goes down with each usage to 5 seconds in the end.

    Armor & Evasion:
    Dota 2 Butterfly Desolator
    If you feel the enemy has a lot of physical damage, then you’ll probably need some armor and evasion. For example, buying Butterfly might be a really good item on this situation! If you’re dealing with a tanky hero that has lots of armor like Timbersaw, then building a Desolator might be a good idea as well.

    Stuns & Bashes:
    Dota 2 Satanic Dota 2 Abyssal Blade Skull Basher
    If you feel you need a way to stun the enemy core, then going for an Abyssal might be really good. In the situations you’re trading hits and the enemy HC is winning, then you need a Satanic, so you can have this amazing lifesteal and recover completely. This item also gives a lot of status resistance!

    All the items are situational. You have to build what you feel you currently need! 😉

  • How to Behave in Fights?

    Dota 2 Funny Carry MemeBasics fo this Dota 2 Carry Guide are a couple of things how to behave: always be patient before entering a team fight and be aware of the enemy’s resources. You have to wait until they waste big ultimates on somebody else, so you can enter and kill everybody without taking risks.

    If you know that a support is out of position and you can kill him instantly, then go for it, but don’t forget to check his items all the time, in order to know if he has a way to survive like having a Glimmer Cape. Always click your enemies to know their current items! And stay near your team, but don’t be in front.

  • Picking the Right Carry:

    One or another carry guide will tell you to pick only meta heroes, but I additionally recommend picking what your team needs. If you feel your team is tanky enough or they have good ultimates to win team fights as just 4 people, then you can pick a pusher like Antimage or Drow Ranger and start taking all the structures.
    Dota 2 Carries Void Phantom LancerIf you feel your team lacks physical damage, then you can go for a Phantom Assasin or a Juggernaut.

    If you know the enemy team lacks stuns or they don’t have a targeted one, you can even pick Monkey King or Phantom Lancer and start chasing people with no risks!
    carry-guide-void You can pick Faceless Void if your team needs an initiator with lots of damage! Don’t forget to check our amazing hero guide on Lifestealer: Radiance ownage!

Chapter 3: Dota Carry Tips List

What’s necessary to take the next step forward? To get a good carry learn when to be aggressive or passive according to the situation. 😉

How much self-confidence and psychological factors decide in matches.

Carry Role Pro Tips

In Dota 2 Carrying needs Self-Confidence:

In Dota 2 the carry player has to show strong self-confidence. It’s okay to be egoistic and to care for yourself first, you are the number one priority of this team. You have to accept and commit to this, only then you will release the full power of the carry that your team needs. If you show your team they can trust you, they will feel comfortable to start making plays with you!

be the team carry in Dota 2You don’t need to say that you’re the best carry in the world, your actions are gonna demonstrate it.

For example, if your team sees you’re not missing any last hit in your lane, they’re gonna know you’re good. And not only them, but the enemy team is also gonna be scared! It will all depend on the decisions you make. 😉

When are you allowed
to Push the Lane?

Having map awareness as a carry player is crucial. Don’t push the lane if you don’t have sight of the enemy or if you don’t have a ward near your area.

Dota 2 Funny WTF MemeIf you don’t see anyone, they might be trying to gank you and you don’t wanna get killed, so don’t push the lane!

If your team is fighting somewhere on the map and you have a full vision of the enemy team, then it means it is space for you to farm and push. Take this opportunity to take a structure like a tower and keep farming!

Be Flexible: Play Accordingly
to the Offlane Lineup

Dota 2 Time to CarryPlaying Defensively:
If the offlane is way to aggressive and your support is weak or he didn’t start the game with the right items, then you have to be kind of passive.
Just try to last hit using the aggro or tell your support to start pulling! Just focus on the farm and don’t get killed.

Playing Offensively:
If you know you have a good synergy with your support and your hero is really strong in the early game like Ursa or Juggernaut, then you can play aggressive! But don’t forget you’ll need tons of regeneration in terms of mana and health.

The Dota 2
Dead Lane Concept

dead-laneAround 10 or 15 minutes in the game, your safelane will turn really dangerous. Most supports tend to rotate around this time and they will leave you alone against the offlaner.

This makes you vulnerable to ganks. Everytime you can’t sustain in a lane, it becomes a “dead lane”. You have to recognize this and farm in the jungle for your own safety! Don’t rake any risks and don’t stay in this lane. This is an important lesson to learn.

Final Words:

I hope you like my Dota2freaks Carry Guide and apply all the tricks I have gathered for you! 🙂 Try them out in your ranked games to improve your MMR on the long term.

To get better and better you will need a lot of train and patience, try to improve all of the Dota 2 mechanics mentioned above and become a reliable carry that is a no-brainer for all of your friends and mates. They have to adore you for your carry skills and they have to want you in their team…

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