Dota 2 Pro: Kuroky – The highest Earning Dota 2 Progamer

Top 3 Heroes:Rubick, Chen, Oracle
Real Name:Kuro Salehi Takhasomi

Kuro, also called Kuroky is the most succesful Dota 2 player of all time:
He earned the most money ever as a gamer worldwide in e-sport and achieved that as a support player!

About Kuroky:

Kuroky AvatarKuroky’s Strength:
For his wise picks as a team captain and his favorite picks like Rubick, Kuroky needs accurate control and a perfect global overview.

Kuroky’s E-Sport Dota 2 Story: A journey from
Disability to Team Captain

Story of KurokyKuro Salehi Takhasomi is born in Germany and in Dota 2 he has chosen the infamous nicknamse Kuroky. – Today he is a professional Dota 2 player, but he faced many difficulties during his professional career but never lost the hope! Currently, Kuroky holds the record of the highest Dota 2 earning player in the world, with a massive amount of $4,233,703.61.

Calmness Wins:
Kuroky is popular in the Dota 2 scene and people love him for his calm and relaxed nature: With his smart decisions as a team captain he made the biggest choices in the Dota 2 scene: The picks with the most impact to win highly competitive pro games!

Not many people would ever expect that the highest-earning player in Dota 2 is a support player, everyone would think of a superstar mid-laner or a hard carry, but Kuroky is showing that as a support you can make a difference, his Rubick is game-changing and a dangerous weapon in each match!

How old is Kuroky?

Kuroky is born in 1992, while I am creating this post it is summer 2019, and he is 27 right now and will be 28 soon! That’s really old for a professional gamer and Kuroky has played Dota 2 for more than 10 years now. 😉

How Kuroky started playing Dota 2 professional:

Kuroky was always fond of sports in general, but due to a disability of his legs, he was never able to play sports properly. This weakness became Kuroky’s strengthen, and it was the main thing that led him to esports…Dota 2 Professional Kuroky
Just like all other players, Kuroky also started from scratch before joining an International Dota 2 Team, Kuroky loves it to play Dota 2 matches and found out that he was really good in making tactical choices early on. Kuroky used to play for a few german teams as a team captain and after getting an opportunity, he joined the International Mousesports Team, where he used to play with many epic players like Drayich and Puppey. The team was pleased fast by the results they had with their new team-member Kuroky. With the help of Kuroky, Mousesports won their first  DreamHack Winter 2008 Tournament. This tournament became the reason for the long-lasting friendship between Kuroky and Puppey. 😉 Later on, Dota 2 Kuroky and Puppey both joined a new team called as Kuroky was playing for diverse groups to gather more knowledge and to improve his skills.

Kuroky’s Disastrous Losing Streak before Reaching the Dota 2 Heaven:

Kuroky was ready to participate in The Dota International 2011, so he engaged with a team named Unfortunately, leaving was the wrong decision for Kuroky.
Kuroky’s Losing Streak Began:
Dota 2 Meme lost all three group stage matches and was eliminated in the first round of loser’s bracket. MiTH.Trust knocked out of the tournament.

After losing badly, Kuroky Switched to different teams, but he was not satisfied with any of them. Even some teams had pro players like PANZER, 10.000th and KKy + 4.Finally in May 2012, Kuroky Joined Virtus Pro: The International 2012 was also near, so according to Kuroky, he thought joining Virtus Pro is the best choice!

Virtus Pro won the first round of West Qualifiers but was not lucky enough to win the second round and badly lost against Mousesports, Kuroky’s Ex-Team.Losing StreakSomehow one player of Mousesports (ComeWithMe) ran into visa issues, and Mousesports offered Kuroky catch his place!After re-entering the tournament, Kuroky lost his luck again.  Mousesports was knocked out in the first match, history repeated itself…
Kuroky did not make any progress and in September 2012 Kuroky joined Mousesport as a temporary player to get more experience from Alex and Kebap.

How Kuroky came back and claimed Pro Tournament Wins:

Kuroky didn’t stop, he loved Dota 2 and wanted to work on his career as good as he can – never give up! Instead of being a temporary player of Mousesports, Kuroky decided to stay for a little longer in that team! Besides that team Natus Vincere was missing a support player, so Kuroky considered it as an opportunity and joined Natus Vincere (Navi) in 2013…

Puppey & Kuroky:
Puppey was also a player of Natus Vincere, and two friends reunited again. Kuroky’s first year in Natus Vincere was a complete success, and they won many Premiere Tournaments, and they even got the second place in the Dota 2 International 2013. Afterwards, it did not go that well because of internal clashes, and it ultimately led the team to a shameful defeat. Natus Vincere got 8th in The International Dota 2 2014 and it was a complete disappointment for Kuroky, so he left Navi in August 2014!

How Kuroky became worlds best Dota 2 Support Player?

After leaving Natus Vincere, Kuroky formed his own team with his best friend Puppey with the epic name Team Secret. At that team Fnatic Fly, Notail and s4 filled the remaining slots of Team Secret. Kuroky switched his role and started playing as a carry. 😀 Against every expectation that experiment went well, and Team Secret earned the second place at Star Ladder.Kuroky Support in Team SecretHowever, a shuffle took place between teams, swapping Fnatic Fly and Notail with Arteezy and Zai (Players of Evil Geniuses).
This new formation gave Kuroky the support role again along with Puppey. The latest team formation was a complete success for Team Secret, and they won four matches in a row! That ultimately allowed them to qualify for The International 2015. Unfortunately, they lost and ended up at 7-8th place (again due to internal issues).

However, Team Secret helped Kuroky finding the perfect role that he was able to master: Pos 4/5 instead of playing the carry! Here we go, it was the rise of the incredible Kuroky support…

The Rise of Team Liquid – From Failure to Success:

After losing the TI5 or let’s say not winning it, Kuroky left Team Secret searched a new team. He formed a team, where he became the main captain. German Fata was the mid player (core), Matumbaman and Jerax as carry and roaming support (swap positions according to matches), offlaner Mind Control and Kuroky as support. It was the beginning of Team Liquid, and this time Kuroky was about to get unstoppable…Kuroky Team LiquidTeam liquid won The Defense Season 5 and won many significant matches. Moreover, they ended up as runners up at The Shanghai Major 2016. It was not a win, but during the tournament, Team Liquid got popular around the crowd.

Kuroky versus Team Newbee:

Again getting 2nd at ESL ONE Manila 2016, Team Liquid was confronted with a super hyped Chinese team: Team Newbee. Dota 2 Team NewbeeAt that time Newbee had a massive winning streak of 29-0 during the Epicenter Tournament… Could any Dota 2 team beat them?

It was hard as steel match for Team Liquid, but Kuroky was not scared. The time was perfect for Kuroky to show the world who is the best support of Dota 2, especially his Rubick was from another world!Kuroky Best RubickIt was a five series match with Team Newbee: Kuroky leads his team to victory (3-2) with his IMBA support and they were beating Team Newbee in a jaw-dropping final match!
Kuroky had shown that he has the patience, willpower and skill to finally win the biggest achievement you can get in Dota 2.After this match Team Liquid got 1st place in many tournaments moreover also ended up as runners up in many major tournaments.

Kuroky’s Road to the second Dota 2 International Victory

After the Manila Major 2016, Team Liquid qualified for The International again. However, bad luck covered them again, and they badly lost the tournament. After this significant lose German Player, FATA and Jerax left the team. In an Interview, Kuroky said, “that time was the toughest time of my life.” However, that tough time was temporary, Bulba (a member of Evil Geniuses) and Miracle ( a member of Rival team OG) joined Team Liquid.

This new formation was quite disappointing because of limited frankness between team members. Team Liquid lost the Boston Major. However, Bulba was replaced with GH, who officially joined in January 2017. One replacement changed the future of the team, and Team Liquid won consecutive 6-7 matches. Which ultimately lead to join the Kiev Major.Team Liquid KurokyTeam Liquid qualified for The Dota International 2017 and the performance was off the hook: Team liquid won all the games consecutively.

Dota 2 International 2017
In the Grand Finals Matchup, Liquid faced Team Newbee…
The collaboration Team Liquid’s teammates were perfectly synchronized. Kuroky once again showed who the best support is in Dota 2! After attending all the International matches, Kuroky made it perfect: Team Liquid defeated Team Newbee with a brilliant score of 3-0.Kuroky ti7 winnersTeam Liquid has won The Dota International 2017 – Kuroky worked hard to hear this one sentence and to hold the Dota 2 International trophy in his hands!

E-Sport Earnings of Kuroky:

Let’s have a closer look on to the income and the earnings Kuroky could make trough Dota 2!
In total Kuroky’s E-Sport income is $4,235,456.55 and it is still increasing! 😉

Is Kuroky the richest Dota 2 player ever?

Yes, Kuroky earned the highest amount of money trough Dota 2. The next highest players are Miracle and n0tail, which are of course also Dota 2 players, but there is still a gap of over half a million dollars until they reach Kuroky!

Is Kuroky the Gamer with the Highest E-Sport Earnings in the World?

Yes, even if we compare all gamers worldwide, Kuroky made the most money and is the richest gamer on earth – based on tournament earnings.

But if you add streaming and video content, some gamers, of course, do much more money as influencers trough Twitch and Youtube! But if we talk about the most money trough gaming and tournament participation itself, Kuroky is on the first place and still wants to push his career!

Top 20 List of the Highest E-Sport Income Worldwide:

As you can see all of the top 20 players with the higehst gaming income of the world are Dota 2 players. Due to the extreme price money of the Dota 2 International events it boosted single players into the top 100! The german player Kuroky leads the ranking list with over 4 million dollars and some of his direct teammates are near who also won the TI.Kuroky Highest E-Sport Income

Kuroky’s E-Sport Income By Year

Kuroky’s best year so far was 2017, were he has earned nearly 2.5 million dollars! If he ever wants to reach that again, he has to be a player of the team that wins the next Dota 2 International! 😉 Kurokys E-Sport Income By Year

Kuroky’s E-Sport Income By Age

For a professional gamer Kuroky is quite old and the long list shows his strong perseverance – he is still investing so much after more than 10 years of playing Dota 2!Kurokys Dota 2 Earnings by Age

Kuroky’s complete Dota 2 Income List: All Tournament Wins

Dota 2 Kuroky is one of those players who is playing at a professional level since the first Dota 2 professional tournaments. It is the main reason that earned him the highest earning player record. Moreover, Kuroky has participated in all The International Dota Tournaments! The table below contains all the significant winnings of Kuroky:

YearTournamentPositionTierTotal Prize
2012The Arena #11stMajor$1000
2013Join Dota Master XIII1stMinor$1500
2013RaidCall EMS One Spring Season1stPremier$12,000
2013Alienware Cup 2013 – Season 11stPremier$25000
2013RaidCall Dota 2 League Season 31stPremier$5000
2013The Defense Season 41stPremier$12000
2013Techlabs Cup 2013 Season 31stMajor$8000
2013StarLadder StarSeries Season 71stPremier$12000
2013RaidCall EMS One Fall Group Stage1stQualifier$0
2013The International 20132ndPremier$632,364
2013WePlay Dota2 League Season 21stPremier$13000
2013Techlabs Cup 2013 Grand Final1stPremier$12500
2013DreamLeague Kick-Off Season1stPremier$25000
2014Pinnacle Pro-Am1stMajor$ 10,251
2014StarLadder StarSeries Season 81stPremier$62000
2014Dota 2 Champions League Season 21stPremier$61,500
2014XMG Captains Draft 2.01stPremier96,860
2014Dota Pit League Season 21stPremier36,269
2014The International 20147th-8th


2015Red Bull Battle Grounds: Dota 21stQualifier$0
2015The Summit 31stMajor$115,466
2015MarsTV Dota 2 League 2015 Spring1stPremier$108,817
2015ESL One Frankfurt 20151stPremier$118,481
2015The International 20157th-8thPremier$829,333
2015Alienware Summer’s End Cup1stPremier$10,615
2015Dota 2 Champions League Season 61stMinor$25,000
2015The Defense Season 51stMajor$39,293
2016The Shanghai Major 20162ndPremier$405,000
2016BTS Europe #31stMinor$5000
2016EPICENTER 20161stPremier$250,000
2016The Manila Major 20162ndPremier$405,000
2016The International 20167th-8thPremier$519,262
2016DreamLeague Season 61st


2017StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 31stQualifier$135,000
2017The Kiev Major 20175th-8thPremier$125,000
2017EPICENTER 20171st


2017The International 20171stPremier$10,862,700
2017DreamLeague Season 82ndPremier$200,000
2018EPICENTER XL2ndPremier$200,000
2018China Dota2 Supermajor1stPremier$555,000
2018The International 20184thPremier$1,787,250
2018MegaFon Winter Clash1stMajor$150,000
2019MDL Macau 20191stMajor$135,000
2019MDL Disneyland Paris Major2ndPremier$170,000
2019EPICENTER Major2ndPremier$170,000

Kuroky’s 116 Dota 2 Hero Record in Official Matches:

Dota 2 Kuroky is the only professional player in Dota 2 who has played with 116 heroes in professional tournaments. Thanks to his diverse playstyle and roles in the teams in over 10 years of professional Dota, he reached the holy number of 100% (116 Dota 2 Heroes). Kuroky has experienced all the roles briefly, but the only lane that satisfies him now is the support role – Rubick, Chen, and Oracle are his most dangerous supports.

What is the current situation of Kuroky? What is Kuroky doing?

kuroky of Dota 2Currently, Dota 2 has launched its Compendium that starts every year to increase the prize pool of The International Tournament. The next Dota International is starting soon, and every player is practicing hard to get the prize pool and trophy.Kuroky once said, “My disabilities will become my strength.” Kuroky is playing Dota all day, to come up with new tricks and strategies. So, that Team liquid can nail the 2019 Tournament and take the Trophy home with them. Let us see what happens next. 😉


If you desire to become a professional support player in Dota 2 then do not forget to watch Twitch streams and live matches of Kuroky. The Dota 2 Internationals are the best time for beginners and moderate players to improve their skills. Watch live matches, and you will learn a vast number of tactics, new tricks, and many more. The best part is after seeing professional players, your gameplay and movements will automatically increase.

Waiting is hard, but the Dota International is worth waiting. Let us see what Kuroky will do to surprise his fans! 😉

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