New Dota 2 Single Matchmaking Rank with Role Performance

Valve released a new Dota 2 update for the ranked matchmaking in march 2020, read here what is new and why the changes have been made!

What is the new Dota 2 Ranked Matchmaking Update?

From now on Dota 2 players will have only one single MMR rank instead of the distribution into support and core ranks. To ensure well balanced games the ranked queues are still based on picking a role before you start a match.
But now the 5 Dota 2 roles have a performance which will be valued seperately.

New Dota 2 Single RankThat means Dota 2 is calculating role-specific-handicaps in the back to ensure a better matchmaking experience.

Example: If you are mainly a support player and got the “Ancient” rank, your position 4 and 5 roles might be Ancient or Divine, while your position 1 or 2 roles would be like an Archon or Legend. Any role you play will affect only the main rank, in this example the Ancient rank. This will hopefully lead to fair games as you get higher skilled players for your best role and lower-skilled players for your weaker roles.

The role specific-handicaps represent the relative skill of a player inside a rank range.
Whenever you win or lose a ranked match now, the MMR will be changed for your overall rank but also the role performance will go up or down. When you play the game will display the adjusted badge levels for every player.

Why does the Support and Core Distribution got removed?

With the game release of Dota 2, the matchmaking had always been a split into single and party MMR…

Dota 2 Ranked Role SelectionIn september 2019, Valve brought in the support and core MMR ranks, which seperated all 5 roles into two clusters.

The core rank included the position 1-3 (Carry, Midlaner, and Offlaner) while the support rank included position 1 and 2 (Hard Support and Support).

This system was a huge change for the community but in the end, it worked out, players started to have better games and the report system worked out: If players do not play their role, they simply get reported. On top of that, the unpopular and unwanted roles like positon 5 were able to queue much faster compared to other roles.

Dota 2 Ranks PreviewThe support and core MMR ranks are now disabled and the single rank will be shown in Dota 2 profiles. You can find the Dota 2 ranks overview table here.

How is the new Dota 2 Single Rank calculated?

Dota 2 Roles UpdateThe new Dota 2 single rank for the ranked matchmaking will take your old core and support MMR values into account as well has the performance of the previous 100 games that you have played.

How can I see my MMR Rank Role Performance?

To see the performance of each role, players can track their current role adjustments in the Role Queue menu. Just click on the “Role Queue” menu. This will display your current role handicaps.See your Role Queue Handicaps

Opinion and Feedback about the new Dota 2 Single Rank:

First of all, you might think, why the f*** did they do that? “Another stupid change by Blizzard”. 😀

New Role Queue Handicap SearchThe Dota 2 report system, which included “false role position playing” exploded and players reported more and more, but it is working out?

In my opinion, it’s the right move: Be honest, the core and support distribution was never perfect. How on earth could you put a midlane, safelane and offlane into one MMR value?

Just picture it: The best offlaner in the world could be a total disaster on the midlane! Defining all these as a core position is just impolitic and false.

The new change could be considered as a test and if it works out, the role performance-based single rank will stay. Of course, Valve and Icefrog want to improve Dota 2 and make it as fair and rewarding as possible. The support and core feature has been heavily criticized by professional players and high-level players. This is the next step and I am very happy about it, right now it feels good, let’s see if the balancing hits in and we can play Dota on a maximum level! 😉

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Jackson Warless
Jackson Warless
2 years ago

Your Dota 2 Boosting posts are amazing. Thankyou for sharing all this information! <3