Create a Dota 2 Hero Guide Your Special Build

What is a personal special Dota 2 Hero Guide?

Personal hero guide are different compared to normal/recommended guides. Recommended guides try to find the best situational builds for any kind of situation. The special hero guides are a way to play a hero in a specific way that can add tension to the game and adds pressure on to the enemy. These guides can be a bit extreme and one-sided and missout situational flexibility, but gain focussed power on the other hand. 😉

Requirements to create a personal special Hero Guide:

This is what is needed if you want to create such a guide.

Who can create a guide?

Everyone who has enough English and Dota 2 skills is qualified to create a personal special hero guide.

Hero Guide Examples:

To see some examples visit the hero guide section.

What’s the process?

  • Send a message to me at and tell me for which hero you want to write and what the title would be.
  • You get a guest author login
  • You write the guide, add images to it, optimize and finalize it.
  • I review it.

What does the Guide should contain?

  • Short introduction about yourself and your dota 2 career.
  • Short introduction why this guide is special and great.
  • Why this hero and playstyle is so powerful.
  • How you play the hero.
  • Different stages of the game (Early/Mid/Late).
  • Counters, Bans and Synergies.
  • Conclusion.

What do I get for a published hero guide?

If the hero guide is getting published on Dota2Freaks you get 25$ via paypal. It can depend on the length and quality of the written article.