Dota Plus Beginner Guide: How to use Dota Plus? (Tips & Tricks)

Simple Guide how to buy and use the premium tool called Dota Plus.
What is it for and is it good or not?

What is Dota Plus?

Dota Plus is not an external tool: It’s an in-game purchase service from Valve inside the Dota 2 client. The tool provides a massive amount of premium features and advantages to its user such as premium cosmetics, shards, tips, hero progression, builds suggestion, lane suggestion, statistical analysis and many more.
Dota Plus Teaser Dota Plus subscribers can become a part of multiple in-game events. Moreover, they can also receive additional rewards from those events.

The main objective of Dota Plus is to provide excessive benefits to its subscribers. Moreover, to enhance their Dota experience to keep them entertained. The more new features Valve is adding, the more valuable the tool is.

Simple Guide How to use Dota Plus:

To become a subscriber of Dota Plus, you have to complete the following steps:

  • Run Dota 2.
  • Click on the “Plus” button, which is available on the header of the homepage.Dota-Plus
  • Now, click on “subscribe now”, the yello button in the upper right.
  • Select the package that is suitable for you.
  • A Steam payment popup will appear.
  • Enter your credentials and you will be redirected to the activated Dota Plus dashboard! 😉

Who should use Dota Plus?

The premium tool can be activated for different reasons: Some love to get better in Dota 2 and Dota Plus is helping a lot here. Some love to have a meta game inside the game to complete missions and get rewareded through ingame cosmetics. 😉

Dota Plus is designed for players of all categories, the features are targetting players with different skill sets.

For example, the build and lane suggestion is for beginner and intermediate level players to receive a higher MMR rank (find all Dota 2 ranks here).
Expert players mostly use postgame analytics at the end, the hero progression, shards, cosmetics, and other rewards are for those who like to keep their inventory up to date with fantastic stuff.

Is Dota Plus Free or
How much does it cost?

Dota Plus PriceDota Plus is a premium tool, to avail its advantages you have to subscribe to the monthly plan.

The basic price for a month of Dota Plus is $4, while a 12 months subscription costs $3.5 monthly. If you buy more months on start you can safe alot of money.

  • 1-month Dota Plus Subscription for $3.99.
  • 6-month Dota Plus Subscription for $22.49.
  • 1-year Dota Plus Subscription for $41.99.

Simply click on to the subscription button to get this window:

Can I gift a Dota Plus Membership to my Friends?

It’s the same same like with the Battle Pass: Yes, you can gift Dota Plus subscriptions to your friends.

  • Click on the Dota Plus icon on your Dota 2 home dashboard.
  • Now, Click on “subscribe now”.
  • On the bottom left corner of the pop-up, you will find a “gifting”
  • Select the membership you want to gift to your friend.
  • Now, select the lucky one.
  • Add your payment credentials.
  • Done!

What happens when Dota plus expires?

Do not worry about the re-subscription because Valve cannot deduct money from your account unless you permit it.

There is no automatic payment behind Dota Plus. There are no chances that you will be charged on the renewal date automatically. The algorithm of the game will automatically set Dota Plus as inactive. 😉

What are the Best
Dota Plus Features?

Dota Plus Features
Dota Plus includes a massive amount of features that are popular among the whole Dota 2 community. Let’s get started:

1. Dota Plus Hero Progression:

Dota Plus adds an XP bar to all of your heroes. The more you will play with each hero, the higher level the hero will get. After a specific level, your hero will receive a medal.
Dota Plus Hero Ranks

  • 1-5 (level) Bronze Medal.
  • 6-11 (level) Silver Medal.
  • 12-17 (level) Gold Medal.
  • 18-24 (level) Platinum Medal.
  • 25 (level) Master Medal.

After achieving each medal, the players receive multiple rewards such as shards, amazing Chat wheels and relics.

How to boost your Dota Plus Hero level faster?

After selecting a hero, during the hero selection phase, you will see three challenges appearing on your screen. Select one, and if you will be able to complete it within the game. Then after the completion of the game, you will receive extra XP as a reward.

Note: The progress of challenge will not count if you have lost the game.

2. Dota Plus Assistance:

Dota Plus Assistance is available to help beginners in improving their skills. It provides multiple essential benefits that help beginners to avoid their mistakes and learn something new. Also find my extensive Dota 2 beginner guide here.

Top Features of the Dota Plus Assistance:

Suggestions for Hero picks, Items and Abilities:

During the hero selection phase, Dota Plus will provide you with suggestions which heroes are helpful to counter your enemy.Dota Plus Hero Suggestion
Moreover, it will also suggest lanes for each hero in your team. After the selection of a hero, you will find a specific build in your shop. It is specifically designed to overcome your enemy. For more drafting tips checkout this extensive guide. Last but not least, it will suggest the selection of abilities.

Real-Time Comparative Analysis:

Dota Plus runs real-time comparative analysis if, at any moment, your enemy is at an advantage. The real-time analysis will automatically make enhancements in your ability and item suggestions.

Dota 2 Postgame Analytics:

Dota Plus Game Anlysis
After the completion of the game, you will receive an easy to interpret graph that will provide all the fluctuations in the game. You can track the points at which you were down, your enemy was high and many more.

3. Dota Plus Rewards:

Valve is presenting a ton of lovely rewards, which they are showing on thei Dota 2 Plus page.

Here are the Top Rewards you can get in Dota Plus:

Shards and Cosmetics:

After every win and completion of challenges, you will receive shards. Dota Plus has specific hero sets that can only be bought with those shards. Enjoy exclusive sets that only Dota Plus players can get.

Chat Wheel and Sound Wheel Rewards:

Dota 2 Chat Wheel Sound
Dota Plus has five hero medals, and each medal provides specific chat and sound wheel.
Important: You can only use these wheels if you are an active Dota Plus subscriber, even if you have them in your inventory.

Event Advantages:

Whenever Valve launches a new event such as Frost Haven and Battle Pass, to get rewards from these events, you have to reach a specific event levels. For example, at level 5, a normal Dota match (without Dota Plus) earns one treasure. A Dota Plus subscriber will receive two treasure chests at the same time. 😉

4. Dota Plus Bonus Perks:

Dota Plus provides additional free perks to its subscribers:

Free weekly Battle Cup Participation:

Free Dota 2 Battle Cup
On every Saturday, Dota 2 holds a Battle Cup tournament in which players can participate. The players of the winning team will receive a Golden Cup on their profile. However, to participate in the Battle Cup, all the players of a team have to buy a ticket for $0.99. This restriction is for those who do not have Dota Plus, subscribers of Dota Plus can participate without any ticket.

In-game Tipping:

Dota Plus subscribers receive an additional feature called tips: You can tip 25 shards to a player as a gesture of gratitude or to appreciate their gameplay. 😉

Victory Prediction Charm:

Confident players can predict a Dota 2 match in the early stage. If the team wins the predictor will receive bonus shards. It can be used to buy more cosmetics.

Seasonal Terrain and Quests:

Dota 2 Seasonal Terrain
To increase the hype of the Dota Plus, seasonal terrain and quests are available. It provides additional opportunities to Dota Plus subscribers to get even more cosmetics, chats wheels, and many more.

Dota Pro Circuit Mobile App:

Dota Pro Circuit is a mobile app specially designed for Dota Plus subscribers: With the help of this app, players can keep track of all of the DPC matches. It includes crucial information about every tournament such as schedules, win and lose rates, and many more. Moreover, some special actions provide extra shards to subscribers.

Dota Plus:
Opinion and Feedback

Dota Plus Opinion and FeedbackIn total I must say, it’s a nobrainer to get Dota plus, because of all the great features, BUT I would ONLY buy it if you are playing more than 5 games a week.

If you play less, Dota Plus will not payout.

The efficiency and also the level of fun Dota plus is providing is directly linked to the amount of your playing time. The more you play the better it is to have and to profit from Dota Plus. 😉

Dota Plus is an amazing subscription service for both entertainment and learning point of view. As being a subscriber of it, I never get tired of it:

The hero progression feature allows having an awesome meta game. Moreover, all of the ingame suggestions helps me massively in dominating the enemy team, and whenever a player shows some tremendous skills, I tip them some of my shards. 😉

The best part is the additionals perks, whenever a major event is introduced in the game. I receive two Rylai’s Battle blessing Roulettes. It enhances my chances to receive the rarest Dota 2 items from the rewards. Last year on Frosthaven, I received the golden baby Roshan courier. If you also want some additional perks, try Dota Plus. 😉

Which feature do you like the most about Dota Plus? Comment below. 🙂

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william smith
william smith
3 years ago

Thanks for sharing with us the contents of dota plus. but, could you please make a list of the Legacy: returning sets? what sets are included?. I bought Dota plus for chat wheels, I didn’t know it has a lot of things to do hmm I enjoy playing legend V in the sea all carry Dota plus things. I got guidelines from this Xfire site to improve my game