Dota 2 Sleepy Death Strategy (Naga + AOE COMBO)

The Sleepy Death strategy is strong, fun to play but hard to execute. It can be played in public matches versus non-professional teams.

Party Size:3-5 Players
Recommended Mode:Public Stomps

Table of Content:
1. Goal
2. Heroes & Items
3. Gameplan
4. Most Important Aspects
5. Variations
6. Counterpicks
7. Conclusion & Win Rate

1. Goal of the
Sleepy Death Strategy:

The power of this strategy lies in the AOE effects and ultimates of the combined heroes.

Naga SirenNaga Siren will most likely be the engager to sleep all enemies with her ultimate. Afterwards, Darkseer is preparing to gather all enemies, before the rest of the team hits in! 😉 That means the full strength can be released in mid and lategame 5 vs 5 teamfights.

The tactic is quite cheesy, a specific scenario has to be created to perform the combo of spells. The expected result depends a lot on the smartness of the enemy, but also on the baiting skills of the own team.

For high level players I have added a chaos-bonus part to make the tactic even stronger.

2. Hero Combo and Items:


Hero Combos with NagaThese are the 5 heroes for the tactic, in chapter 5 you can find hero variations and the optional chaos upgrade.

Naga Siren

Naga Siren
The main hero for the tactic is of course Naga Siren, you can pick her first, so that the main plan can be executed. Every other hero is replaceable, Naga Siren not.


Darkseer is super valuable in this matchup, he can use vacuum on the enemies and swap them together to one point! He can also speed up Naga Siren to rush in for the ultimate. Finally his shield and ultimate is extremely powerful and makes it hard for the enemies to stay near.


Magnus ultimate also gatheres the enemies onto one spot an adds an extra stun, his cleave addionally adds deadly damage to multiple opponents with each hit.


Enigmas top spell for this matchup is the Midnight Pulse, one of the strongest spell in Dota 2. The area of effect gets increadible damage up to 84% of the enemy health. As long as your team manages to keep the enemies inside the Midnight Pulse area, the fight will be won. Enigmas Black Hole is one the spells to realize that! 😉


Tidehunters ultimate is super easy to use directly after Naga Sirens ultimate or after any other stun duration of the team. It will stun the enemies again and moreover will stun any other enemies that have been still outside who want to join the fight now.


Item Choices Naga TacticThis tactic is basically not dependend on any items. It would be easily playable without any required item, but I will add my priority list which items can add up more aoe power to the strategy. It’s clearly about the offense not the defense. 😉

Priority Items:

  • Radiance: The top item that can be equiped for this tactic is Radiance. Get it on Naga Siren if possible or on another hero. It will make sure that all enemies get 60 dmg per second. That will be extremely valuable over time. Naga Siren can also send her Illusions near the enemies to disable their dagger possiblity.
  • Veil of Discord: This item can be equiped by anyone, I recommend to build it on Darkseer or Engima. It adds HP, mana and mana regen. The active spell causes enemies to get 20% more damage from spells – just incredibly awesome! 😀
  • Mjollnir: Beside the passive bolts, Mjollnir if used actively got a 20% chance to release a 200 dmg bolt on up to five enemies!
  • Hex: Counters the enemies BKB.

3. Executing the Strategy:

Sleepy Death Tactic GameplanNow let’s get ready for the game, what’s the gameplan and how should you lane?

Laning Distribution:

I do not have much to say about the laning: There are no limits or rules, of course, Tidehunter or Darkseer should take the offlane. While Magnus can easily play mid, the safelane can be taken by Naga Siren to secure the Radiance farm. Enigma can go to the jungle or join the offlane. It’s quite easy to win with this lineup, if you experience outpicks or problems, adjust the heroes with variations in chapter 5.

The Gameplan in the Early, Mid and Lategame:

The Sleepy Naga Death Tactic requires all team members to have their ultimate up.

The focus on the early game is clearly about surviving and trying to be equally farmed compared to the enemy. Just make sure to keep the death count low and to play defensively. Tidehunter has high sustainability and Darkseer can escape easily.

Modern Team Layout: The full team needs to commit about having not playing with a hard support. One can definitely be the hard support but it’s not required, the positions 1-5 are not as fixed as it normally would be.
How great is that? Every single Dota 2 matchup is limited to the five positions, but with a full team of 5 players, you have the ability to break this pattern and reinvent how Dota can be played: Everyone can come up with wards, at the moment they are free, who knows what the new patches will change. 😉 But with free wards, everyone can take the time to place the wards, the players with the highest mobility should be those who plant the most.

Be Ready for Defensive Moves:As soon as the mid-game is reached, you can start thinking about possible team fights. On the one hand from now on you should be prepared for a defensive counter move. When the enemy team is pushing or diving a tower, be ready to hit with your full power. The tactical maneuver of the tactic can be released! Find the tactical maneuver below.

Ready to start being Offensive? It’s a good starting moment when Naga Siren reaches Radiance. If you are not going for Radiance, you can commit to a specific time frame (for example minute 22) or when any other specific item is reached. But always commit to one starting point before you even start the game.

When this point is reached, it’s time to shine, ladies! 😀 Baiting can start, but also simple pushing execution is key to gather all 5 enemies into one area. It’s not important how you get the enemies to one area, but you have to do it.

Outsmart the Enemy: A typical bait can be that the team is hiding in the trees and Naga Siren is diving or overcommiting, the enemies greed will grow and they will try to bring her down. Even if she nearly dies, she can hit the ult button before dying and then the team has time to join.

If the game goes on the enemies get smarter and get smell what’s happening from miles away, but for that, they have to split. It’s still nice if you take out 2 or 3. The opponent’s team has to come up with a smart plan to counter this, but it’s extremely hard for them if you all got the ultimates up. 😉 It’s not unbeatable, but single timings and reactions can decide between a loss and a win.

Typical Attack Scenario of the Sleepy Naga Death Tactic:

All enemies are gathered in one area?

Naga Siren UltimateNaga Siren can just move to the middle and press the ultimate button to sleep them all. Now it’s time for the rest of the team to get in position and to prepare their items and spells.

Now you probably wonder “What about the BKB’s?” right? It is a counter, but it’s not stopping the tactic. If an enemy used BKB before Naga sleeps the team, the full team can attack the BKB guy and bring him down. Naga Siren’s sleep has a duration of 7 seconds, but can be stopped at any time.

The 7 seconds might be enough to bring him down or make him low, but it will also make him run out of BKB very soon (max 10s). This will make him vulnerable for the upcoming spells very soon. 😉 The opponents who use BKB right after the sleep will be prepared to fight, but the enemy team won’t have 5 BKB’s. For now, just care for the guys without BKB and take them out.

Dota 2 Enigma UltiRight after the Naga Siren ultimate, Darkseer can vacuum the opponents to one spot. If enough enemies without BKB are gathered any ally can start the fun: Magnus, Tide or Enigma can simply use their ultimate. Whenever one spell is about to finish, the next spell can be added to prolong the stun duration. Together will all spells from all heroes, this will end up in a total disaster for the enemy team…

Its’ just about one thing: How many enemies will you be able to gather? 😉 Identify the possible counters in the enemy team, who can disable, hex, silence or bash your and stop an ultimate spell? Be prepared and always bring sentries to the party!

4. Most Important Aspects
to win the Match:

  • When the attacking maneuver starts, keep the concentration up.
  • The tactic only works if all players are aware that they need to make good moves with the perfect timing.
  • Learn to make great baits, buy all of the smokes in your shop. 😉

5. Item and Hero Variations:

You can change any hero, in my opinion Naga Siren and Darkseer are required and the rest is replaceable. Just make sure to pick a hero that has high AOE damage. You can find a list of all Dota 2 AOE spells here.

Top Variations: Mars, Phoenix, Warlock.

Other Variations: Earthshaker, Sandking, Underlord, Jakiro, Leshrac, Ancient Apparition, Venomancer.

Adding more Depth: The Chaos Factor:

If you think this is just too cheesy and too predictable, think about adding a chaos factor. You think the enemies are too smart to get baited? Then replace Tide, Engima or Magnus with a hero that can make trouble alone. 😉BroodmotherMeepo These are some heroes that can potentially make a lot of trouble behind the enemy lines. This gives you different opportunities.Arc WardenSlark On the one hand it’s another great bait hero, the enemy team has to defend to not get pushed down, on the other hand it’s the perfect scenario to splitpush: One hero one the one lane, all four on the other, ready to right…

6. Counterpicks

  • Always ban Silencer.
  • Ban all bashers like Void and Ursa.
  • More bans could be heroes like Lion, Mars or Earthshaker.

7. Conclusion & Win Rate:

Winrate Naga TacticI was able to play this tactic a few times, and it’s so much fun. I would love to play it again and again, but there’s something that is holding back the awesomeness of the tactic: It’s hard to find teammates for this, the tactic is too cheesy and too weird to get any serious guys on it

Get good at Drafting to Boost the Winrate of this Tactic:

Dota 2 Drafting Guide BookBut when I managed to get a full team up, it was a tactic with a high win potential, the enemies were always able to see what was coming, but they were not able to find the right solution against it.

It has a lot to do with picks and counterpicks.
To get better at drafting, also checkout the extensive Dota 2 drafting guide.
Detailled Drafting Guide

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