Dota 2 Pro Notail – The Most Successful Dota 2 Captain Ever

Top 3 Heroes:Chen, Enchantress, Nature’s Prophet
Real Name:Johan Sundstein

Notail is a danish Dota 2 professional with a long road until he finally managed to win the Dota 2 International 2018 and 2019 with team OG.While writing this in 2019, he currently is the most successfull Dota 2 player with a mind-blowing E-sport prize money of $6.889.591.

About Notail:

Notail Pro SettingsN0tail’s Strength:
He is one of the best position 5 players of the world in Dota 2 and is always staying calm. He has a good overview and his gaming tools support him to react fast and flexible.

Notail became the most succesfull Dota 2 player after winning the TI9:

Dota 2 Player Profile NotailIf you think about the best and strongest Dota 2 players, you may think of super hard carrys and mid-lane players who just stomp down the enemy team. But Notail made it happen after Kuroky (who also was leading the Dota 2 board as a support) to dominate the ladder and grab the first place: Notail is, after winning the Dota 2 International 2019, the most successfull player of Dota 2 as a position 5 support!

Even if he is not the carry, Notail is the one who is putting his team into action and helps each one of them to shine! Notail won the Dota 2 International 2019 with team OG and they claimed 45.5% of the Earnings. By reaching that, all 5 climbed to the top 5 most successful Dota 2 players.

Team OG (Winner of TI9):

ImageNicknameTI9 EarningsTotal E-Sport Income

Each player alone won $3.1 million at the TI9, together with his prize pool of the TI8 ($2.24 million) and his long career path he secures the first place. Notail is now the Dota 2 player with the highest E-Sport earnings and it will probably not change until the TI10! 😉

How old is Johan Sundstein aka Notail?

Johan “Notail” Sundstein, sometimes also called “BigdaddyNotail” is born in 1993, at the time participating in the Dota 2 International 2019 he was 26 years old. He is one of the older fellows of the Dota 2 Pro Community, but who knows, these days many Progamers play until they are 30 years old or even beyond that age.

N0tail’s E-Sport Dota 2 Story: From a Heroes of Newerth Progamer to a Dota 2 Superstar:

Dota 2 Story of NotailToday, Johan Sundstein aka Notail is one of the best Danish professional Dota 2 players, but he started his professional gaming career as a Heroes of Newerth player.

At the age of 15, Notail became the youngest competitive and most prominent player of Heroes of Newerth in the world. Beating Notail in the mid solo lane was impossible. He won many local tournaments of Heroes of Newerth along with his friends Jascha Aka Nova and Tal Aka Fly.

Screenshot of Heroes of Newerth:
Heroes of Newerth ScreenshotAlong with Heroes of Newerth (HON and HON2), Notail and his friends started playing Dota as well as a side game.
HON never made the step to reach the same level of balancing and deepness like Dota.At that time no one knew that Dota would change the life of this young boy.
After a few months of playing Dota, Notail and his friends switched from Heroes of Newerth to Dota. This time Notail started playing the support role.

In no time his gameplay with Chen and Wisp/IO got popular all among the Dota community. Notail is a quick learner and the new support role was perfectly fitting to his playstyle.

Notails Journey from Team Fanatic to Team Secret to Cloud 9

Notail Team FnaticLater on, the team Fanatic manager (Danijel) approached the Team Notail and offered them to join team Fanatic as an unsponsored side project. The group did so well in local tournaments that it forced the manager to merge Notail and his friends with the actual team. The new team Fanatic started dominating every Premiere and Local tournament that came in front of them.

Notail Lose StreakThe new Team Fanatic was an absolute monster in the start. They even beat the unbeatable team of that time called Alliance. But these wins did not survive for too long. After the Dota 2 International 2013, everything changed. Team Fanatic was placed at the 7-8th position and a devastating defeat by Team, Orange.

After TI3, Team fanatic did not win even one premier tournament. Moreover, a more shameful defeat in the TI4 ended up at position 13-14th. It was the end of Notail’s patience. On the 27th August 2014 BigDaddy bid farewell to Fnatic and had this to say:
“Today I’m leaving Fnatic, this has been my first and only organization to play under, but all good things must come to an end. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me through the years.”Notail along with his friend Fly, left the Team Fanatic. Unfortunately, Nova decided to stay.

Notail and Team Secret in 2014:

Team Secret NotailLater on, Notail invited Puppey, S4, and Kuroky to join his team called Team Secret. From the start, Notail and Puppey had some differences in the team.

Still, they managed to win five tournaments in 2014. However, Puppey could not tolerate Notail in Team Secret. So, he somehow kicked Notail out of the team and replaced him with Arteezy.

Notail joined Cloud 9 in 2015

Notail Cloud 9The Dota 2 Asia Championship was near. So, instead of wasting time, Notail joined the Cloud 9. Perhaps it is not easy to collaborate with a new team.

Notail faced disappointments again, losing badly in the Asia Championship. Moreover, the team ended up at the 9-12th place in The International 2015.

Team Monkey Business and the Rise of Team OG:

After getting kicked out of his team, Notail could not perform with Cloud 9 as well. So, he left cloud 9 after the ti5.

At that time, Fly was also kicked out of the Team Secret. Again Notail and Fly came up with a new team called, Monkey Business. The Team included Miracle, Cr1t, Fly, Notail and MoonMeander.

Later on, the name Monkey Business was switched with OG. This time the team was highly cooperative, and the synchronization was remarkable. The winning streaks of Notail started again.

The Betrayal and Revenge between Notail and Fly:

At the end of 2017, MoonMeander left OG and S4 replaced him. The in-game collaboration between S4, Fly, and Notail was just epic. OG became the most unstoppable team of that time.
The Super Major was a few weeks away, and an event happened in Team OG that shattered Notail. His best friend Fly betrayed him and left OG along with S4 and joined EG. Notail and Fly always had a peaceful and deep friendship, they spend years together in the Dota 2 professional scene. That move from Fly was like a knife in the back for Notail.

Ultimately, OG has to back out of the Supermajor because they did not have enough team members. Now, there was no friendship left, Notail wanted revenge badly.

Once again OG was scattered – after Fly and S4 the rest of the players also left OG

Notail created a new team for the TI8 in no time:

Notail Team OG 2018Notail started to search new good players because the TI8 was near and he could not skip it. Jerax and Sebastien Debs Aka “Ceb” joined OG. Later on, two more players also joined OG: Ana and Topson. The team was ready and TI8 was about to start.

Notail had the perfect chance to defeat EG and Fly at the same time

Time of Revenge – Notail vs. Fly:

Fly VS NotailOG and EG both were going well during the TI8. In the upper bracket match, it was time for both teams to face each other. Notail was extremely curious for this moment. Notail and his team gave a tremendous performance and won the match by 2-0. An absolute defeat for EG, Notail eliminated them from the tournament. Moreover, he gave Fly a lesson that he made the wrong move. After the fabulous win, both teams have to shake hands, Notail shook with Fly with a weird look on his face.

Later on, OG got into the Grand Final Along with LGD. It was the best of the match, and OG showed tremendous gameplay and won by 3-2. OG won the Ti8 with a huge prize pool of $11 Million. Notail got his revenge and the most significant success of his life in one tournament.

Are Notail and Fly still friends?

Fly and Notail FriendshipNotail and Fly had been friends for over 9 years and played a ton of professional matches together. Their win rate was 62% and there is no other Duo in the gaming pro scene whoever had better performance over such a long time. When Fly left Notail and Team OG a few weeks before the TI8 it was a shock for the scene: The friendship ended and Fly betray Notail, they are no friends anymore.

The funny thing of the story is that Notail was able to replace each one of them and made an all-in by relying on the youngster Topson along with Ceb, ana, and Jerax. He was able to show Fly that he is the better Dota 2 player and the world was watching this drama with tension. It was a ridiculous move by Fly but the revenge was hitting great. Perfect entertainment!

Why did Fly leave OG and Notail?

In an interview, Fly said he left OG because the team did not work out and he totally lost his motivation to play with this team anymore. He said OG was a dead end. It was hard for him to quit with OG but he thought he needs teammates he can trust.

The International 2019 and Notail’s Motivation to win it:

OG is the only team in the Dota 2 world who won consecutive two International Tournaments. They managed to win the International 2019 Tournament as well: The Grand Final was just epic: OG vs Team Liquid. The whole team showed next-level gameplay and in the end, won the series with 3-1.

Was it the motivation of Notail that lead OG to the win? In TI8 it was revenge but was it the same this time as well?

How Notails Dog won the TI9:

Notail's DogAn interview was held before the Grand Final in which Notail said, his Dog (Sebastian) died a few weeks ago. I am dedicating this tournament to him. Notail is an absolute pet lover. He can do anything for his pet. Might be Sebastian was the main reason behind the epic gameplay of Notail.

Notail was leading team OG to the victory of the TI9:

Notail Wins the TI9OG won one of the biggest prize pool in esports history, $15.5 million. Moreover, they got the title of two consecutive wins.

Esports Earnings and Dota 2 Income of Notail:

Notail E-Sport EarningsAfter winning the TI9, the biggest E-sport prize pool so far, Notail achieved the title of the highest esports earning player worldwide. In his lifetime until today, Notail earned $6,886,181.99 from 108 Tournaments. Of course, the number will continuous as long as Notail is playing Dota 2 no matter if he is playing with Team OG or with another team.

Notail is the Dota 2 Player with the highest E-Sport Earnings ever in 2019:

Notail Dota 2 EarningsAll of the TI9 and TI8 winners (Notail, Jerax, ana, Ceb and Topson) are leading the Dota 2 top list. They have the highest E-sport earnings worldwide and Notail is on place one with nearly $7 million dollars won through online gaming until today.

Top 10 won Tournaments with the highest Earning for Notail’s Teams:

  • The Dota International 2019 with a tremendous prize pool of $15.5 Million.
  • OG won the Dota 2 International 2018 and got a prize pool of $11,234,200.
  • The MDL Macau in 2017, won a prize pool of $130,000.
  • Did not won The International 2017 but still came home with $617,198.
  • Won the Kiev Major 2017 with an epic prize pool of $1,000,000.
  • Good Days of 2016, won the Boston Major 2016 and came home with a prize pool of  $1,000,000.
  • The International 2016 did not go well for Notail, won $311,557.
  • Got the first position in The Manila Major 2016 and got a  prize pool of $1,110,000.
  • First position in The Frankfurt Major with a prize pool of $1,110,000.
  • The International 2015, with a prize pool of $221,115.

What is Notail’s current status?

At the moment there are no signs that Notail is stopping his phenomenal career and we can look forward to the next Dota 2 International event. There may be some replacements in the team, but chances are high that Notails sticks to OG!

Is Notail streaming on Twitch?

Yes from time to time, he got over 90k subscribers and his Twitch channel is called bigdaddy.

What is Notail’s Dotabuff profile?

His Dotabuff account has been OG.N0tail with 65% win rate, but currently he has new smurf accounts.

Is Notail the Best Dota 2 Player?

While he is the player with the highest earnings so far, he sometimes has been criticized for his impact. But for being a support player on position 5 his game impact is definitely high and he does the right things to win the game. On paper, there are better players in Dota 2 when it comes to carrying, reflexes or pure skill and micro. But that’s the great thing about it, you can be the most earning player as a support role!

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