Dota 2 Gosu AI: How does it work? (FAQ & Opinion)

Sky-rocket your Dota 2 skills with Gosu Ai:
Read here how to use Gosu Ai and how to make the most out of it.

What is Gosu Ai?

Gosu Ai is an AI-driven Dota 2 assistant (AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, a computer-based decision software). This AI displays tips & tricks for Dota 2 players to improve their gameplay. It understands the games, and suggest the most practical recommendations. Gosu Ai is one of the most useful Dota 2 learning tools which constantly checks your performance and delivers information on the mistakes.

Dota 2 Rating System Gosu AiIt also contains a rating system to clarify where you are good at and where not.

On the image, you can see the rating, which works straight forward through ranks.
If you are Ancient and play like a Legend, Dota will derank you soon. 😉

How to get started with Gosu.Ai?

  • Visit and click on signup/get your assistant.
  • After signing up, all you need to do is add the Gosu AI bot to your Steam friendlist. Send a Steam friend request to the Gosu Ai Assistant and he will automatically accept it.
  • Play a Dota 2 match.
  • When the game is over, the Gosu Ai Assistant will send you a link with your post-match analysis. You can check your summarized report, and start working on your strengths and weaknesses.

Is Gosu Ai Free? How much does it cost?

The standard version is absolutely free. It checks up to 10 games for free daily, Gosu Ai is changing this from time to time, but if you signup you do not have to pay anything for the basic service.

You can find the Dota 2 tools overview here for more Dota 2 stats trackers. 🙂

Which Features cost Money in Gosu Ai?

  • Personal match analysis from a Divine player
  • Highlights of the match

Pre-packed offers:

  • For 5 or 20 dollars, you can purchase more points for game analysis.
  • For 125 or 500 gold coins, you can access to the beta version of Gosu Ai. It includes PUBG analysis as a bonus.

What are Gold points and Hero Challenges in Gosu Ai?

Gold points can be purchased separately, 50 coins cost about 2$.

Each player receives ten daily points upon using Gosu Ai services. These points are spent on one point per section in a match. Moreover, there is a chance of getting a full or one partially analyzed game for free. This option depends if you purchased wards of Hand of Midas on your hero.

There are also hero challenges available for both core and support roles. You have to complete the specific tasks, and unlock the next levels. Challenges get much harder and exciting with each level.

Gosu Ai Features:

Gosu Ai Features
Dota 2 Gosu Ai covers a variety of functions. It includes net worth, damage dealt and received, healing stats, wards and map vision, ward usefulness, ward lifetime length, and item builds.
It helps to figure out what you are doing better or worse compared to other players with the same Dota 2 rank.
get-started-with-Gosu.AiThe system evaluates the performance of a player in each section. These are equivalent to the ranks in Dota 2, however, not directly connected to them. The difference between an Ancient and Legend players is not necessarily a few creeps last hits/denied on the lane. It is much more than you think, probably a total school grade difference.

  • Information Gosu Ai provides:

    You may forget some of the crucial fights of the game, but Gosu Ai remembers them. Where on the map the fight exactly happened, and which hero participated in it. It also tracks the movements inside Dota 2 and tells which player managed to eliminate an opponent, and what play made an enemy survive. It also tells you how much gold and XP you earned by killing your enemies.

  • Complete Death Analysis:

    This feature itself may not seem much educational. However, it can help you get a general understanding on the reason of your death, and why the enemies were stronger. There may be certain factors resulting in your death, like not using a specific spell or item to escape or dodge the attacks of opponents. Moreover, certain factors are pointed out by Gosu Ai, like not reacting when you saw the enemy under the vision of the wards.
    Gosu Ai may not show that you are deliberately baiting your enemies. That is precisely why this feature is more efficient for a convenient replay overview. You can check out the moments that interest you, and personally point out your mistakes.

  • Warding Feature of Gosu Ai:

    Warding is one of the most successful tools of Gosu Ai. After the match, you can check how many wards you placed, which spot, when, and for how long they provided the vision. It can also provide details on how many heroes got killed under your wards.

    Dota 2 Warding Guide BookWGosu Ai also points out if the ward got placed under the effect of Smoke of Deceit. The placement of wards may differ from game to game. It is necessary to keep an open eye, and judging by the direction of the game, you should place the wards that work the best for your team.

    To learn more about Warding in Dota 2 checkout this guide:
    Extensive Dota 2 Warding Guide

  • Analyze the Player Damage Priorities of Team Fights:

    Gosu Ai calculates the damage and max HP to compare it with the developer’s damage priority between the heroes. The function works strangely, depending on the game. Sometimes, these priorities are reduced to the carry and midlaner, hitting the enemy carry and midlaner, while the text sometimes contradicts the scenario.

    Even for support heroes, the recommendation is averagely the same. It can work most of the time because carry kills have higher priority over other heroes. It can vary with every game, so you should make your decisions that work in your best interest.

What is the Gosu Ai
Anti-Cheat System?

The Gosu Ai Dota 2 anti-cheat system allows players to check whether they were playing with cheaters in their matches. The system detects cheating in Dota 2, like camera scale, cursor location, and item drop before using some items like Arcane Boots or Soul Ring.Gosu.Ai-Anti-cheat-system The anti-cheat system cannot directly punish the cheaters or find them all. However, the efforts got noticed by the Valve, and many players received a ban from matchmaking. Find a Dota 2 ban & reporting guide here for more info.

Gosu Ai Game Analysis
by a Divine Player:

This premium feature comes with an analysis of your match by a Divine player, costing 400 gold or 16 dollars. Well, is it worth? The expert will start with your hero pick and point out if it was a good pick or something else would be much better. Invoker PNGAfter that, he will analyze the entire match and point out your mistakes and correct decisions. Depending on the situation, the expert might suggest paying more attention to the last hitting and pull the creeps.

The expert will advise you to communicate with your teammates and develop a better understanding of the game. He will suggest you practice your last-hitting and understand your positioning in the lane.

Ultimately, the Divine player advises to watch the replays of the professional players, and learn from their perspective. There is so much a person can do alone. It is useful to follow the teaching and advice of someone better than you. In total, if you love to get personal tips, this might be an option for you, the price is not very high compared to other platforms like buying Dota 2 accounts or getting your Dota 2 account boosted.

Opinion about Gosu Ai:

Opinion about Gosu AiDota 2 is a much more complex game than one can imagine. It takes a lot of time to understand and improve your gameplay. Gosu Ai is just like any other technology. It is not perfect and can sometimes be misleading. There are some flaws and errors which require some room for improvement.

Regardless, it is one of the best tools available which can help the players improve and overcome their shortcomings. You might not like it at times, but it is definitely worth giving it a shot. Experiencing it yourself will help you understand it better than relying on the opinion of others.

In my opinion it is a good choice for players who want to invest some money into their career and who are serious about climbing the ladder. Everyone else who wants to use free Dota 2 tools, can go with Dotabuff or Opendota for nice statistics.

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