Dotabuff Beginner Guide: How to use it? (Features & Opinion)

Dotabuff is a huge and famous Dota 2 statistics platform. In this guide I will show how to simply setup Dotabuff and how to use the top features effectively. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What is Dotabuff?

Dota 2 is a fast-changing game, every new patch can completely shift the playstyle. Therefore it’s crucial to keep up with it and to know the meta.

The statistical tool called Dotabuff is a great help here, it simply covers the missing knowledge as well as actionable information that can help you to enhance your skills. Moreover, it also provides deeply researched statistics, metas, and interaction with players from worldwide.Dotabuff ScreenshotIs Dotabuff only for beginners?
Absolutely not. Dotabuff is one of the most prominent Dota 2 communities for both beginners and professional players. The amount of information they provide about Dota2 is massive. Hence, both professional and beginner players can learn from them.

How to signup on Dotabuff?

Dotabuff has a fantastic signup mechanism: You do not have to sign up on the site separately. Simply synchronize your Steam Account with Dotabuff.

A login button is available for you to connect your steam account.
Click on login and enter your Steam account name and password. Now just make sure your profile allows data tracking. (Find this below)

How to make Dotabuff track my Matches?

To allow Dotabuff to keep track of your matches, you need to activate this inside Dota 2:

  • Run Dota 2 and open the settings.
  • Click on “options” and then on “advanced options”.
  • Check the box “Expose Public Match Data.”
  • Done! ๐Ÿ™‚ Now you are giving authority to the third-party tools like Dotabuff to track your progress.

Dotabuff Free vs. Premium Version (Dotabuff Plus):

The basic version of Dotabuff is free, the premium version called Dotabuff Plus requires a monhtly subscription. The Dotabuff Plus subscription is available at a price of $6/month or $56/year.
Dotabuff Plus

Dotabuff FeatureDotabuffDotabuff Plus
Player ProfileYesYes
Public StatisticsYesYes
Mobile SupportYesYes
AdvertisementAd-SupportedNo Ads
TrueSight Match AnalysisNoYes
Personal DashboardNoYes
Friends News FeedNoYes
Beta FeaturesNoYes
Detailed Hero RankingsNoYes
Life Time Data RetentionNoYes
Hero and Player MatchupsNoYes
Item Build TimelineNoYes
Interactive Vision MapNoYes
Farm StatisticsNoYes

How can I upgrade to Dotabuff Plus?


  • Go to
  • Click on the “Upgrade to Plus” button.
  • Select a package.
  • Enter all your credentials and click on “Buy now.” That’s it.

Dotabuff Questions & Answers (FAQ):

Dotabuff FAQEinleitung

1. What is better Dotabuff or OpenDota?

Dotabuff or OpenDotaThe Dotabuff community is 8 times bigger compared to OpenDota. While Dotabuff has about 8 million visits monthly in 2020, OpenDota has nearly 1 million.

Why is that?

Dotabuff was first, or at least got popular first and reached the majority of all Dota 2 players in the first years. On top of that, Dotabuff is a bit easier to use compared to OpenDota. The profile and the analytics are straight forward, even if OpenDota has a few more extensive details.

It’s up to you which one you will choose! ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. Why are some not listed Dota 2 matches available in Dotabuff?

You might have experienced that Dota 2 does not record some of the matches that are not counted or abandoned. However, the algorithm Dotabuff uses to track matches is quite different. Their algorithm has 99%ย  accuracy in tracking all the matches. Hence, the matches that are not even recorded by Valve can be saved by Dotabuff.

3. How to watch Dota 2 tournaments on Dotabuff?

Dotabuff has an amazing E-sports feature that updates almost every day. It includes all the running tournament matches along with the live matches. Moreover, the schedules, pro player information, team information and scores are available.

The best part is, in E-sports a new sub-feature has been added called Dotabuff Clips. This feature includes all the amazing scenes of recent tournament matches. It is a great way to watch your favorite time frames.

Top Features of Dotabuff:

Dotabuff Top FeaturesDotabuff has tons of features, here are the ones that were super useful for me over a long time frame:

  • True Sight Feature of Dotabuff:

    True Sight is the most prominent and major sub-feature of Dotabuff Plus. It includes various benefits that can enhance the skills of hardcore Dota 2 players. The following features are all part of the main feature. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Damage and CC Breakdown:

    With the help of the True Sight, a player can find out the performance level of each player of the team. It helps in identifying which player played its role properly. After analyzing the stats, a user can identify the mistakes to overcome them in the next game.

  • Damage and Healing Breakdown:

    Dota 2 contains tons of variables such as damaging, healing, debuffing, swapping and many more. True Sight can provide details of all theย spells, including the spell type (active or passive).

  • Personal Hero Ranking:

    You can identify the performance rate of each hero along with other necessary details (ranking, high score, matches, and many more). It will act as a reminder that you have to give a chance to other players as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Farm Statistics:

    Easily perceivable charts and tables are available to track your farming stats at each point. With the help of these stats, you can identify when you were not able to get enough XPM and GPM. Later on, track those points and resolve the drawbacks.

  • Interactive Vision Map:

    Wards are a crucial asset in Dota 2 – good placement of wards can change the result of a game.ย True Sight provides Map Vision, you can track your prior match with it. It will mark all the areas of the map where wards were placed and destroyed. After reviewing all the placements, you can come up with new tactics. To get better with warding in Dota 2, checkout this detailed guide!

  • Ultimate Ability Logs:

    Track the performance and accuracy of your ultimate spells such as Echo Slam, Pirate Ship, and Black Hole.

  • Item Build Timeline:

    Are you fond of your opponent or ally who totally dominated a match? Track their build! This feature will provide complete information on all the builds such as when an item was bought and when it was sold or dropped.

    Gold and Experience Charts:ย 
    A match goes upside down when heroes get XPM or GPM advantage, maybe both. With the help of charts, you can track the rate of change and how the change occurred that led the team to win.

  • Detailed Combat Logs:

    You can filter out all the major combat logs that include helpful information such as, final attacks used to kill a hero, lost gold, gain gold, the assisted hero (if any), and the death time.

  • Death Map and Log:

    It tracks all the major deaths that occurred in the match. All the graves are marked on the map. Moreover, gold lost and gain statistics are available.

  • Kill and Death Economy:

    Most players face confusion about how the gold rate changes with kills, assists, deaths, suicides, buybacks and especially with killing sprees. It helps knowing when to initiate and when to play defensive.

  • Comparative Farm Charts:

    It keeps track of last hits, GPM, XPM and a comparisson of every minute to identify the rate of change.

Opinion about Dotabuff

Dotabuff Opinion
I am an absolute fan of Dotabuff and I am already using it for a very long time. This tool helped me in boosting my skills to another level. It helped me in keeping track of all my matches. I was able to discover all my flaws, and ultimately I overcame them.

It taught me some strategies that helped me in dominating my enemies. The Dotabuff website includes a forum where experienced players share their opinions and ideas. Trust me, it is a great way to learn a lot of new things.

If I am not keeping myself up to date with the heroes category of Dota 2, I simply use the hero’s feature of Dotabuff. It provides all the Dota 2 metas and trends of heroes.

Moreover, I can track my ranked matches and with which heroes I am losing my lovely Dota 2 rank. Then I start playing those who are hard for my bracket opponents to defeat! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dotabuff is an amazing site, if you are serious in enhancing your skills, try it out.

What is your opinion about Dotabuff, which feature do you like the most? Which one of the Dota 2 tools do you use?

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