Dota 2 Huskar Hero Guide: Versatile MONSTER

In this Dota 2 Huskar hero guide you will learn how to scale Huskar up superfast to beat any enemy. With enough flexibility and skill, the strength-hero Huskar can have a high impact on your ranked matchmaking performance!

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Player Introduction: Nz
Hi there everyone! I am Nz ” -BaSi ” Aldueza, an Immortal Player from the very infamous S.E.A Server. I play mainly support position 4/5 and my peak rank was at 1038.
I have been playing DOTA since Warcraft III and multiple experiences in the scene. I also do coaching on Fiverr and Discord.

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Dota 2 Huskar Hero Guide:

Did you ever get “REKT” by Huskar that you cursed him so badly? 😀 Well I got some GOOD NEWS for you buddy, today is your LUCKY Day!

Huskar Hero ScreenshotOkay, you are probably wondering why I am hyping Huskar so much in my opening – but we all know this hero doesn’t need no introduction.
Did you ever think about, why Huskar feels really versatile and unstoppable when played in the right direction? This cheeky hero is a real MONSTER.

So yeah!? Then now what?

Calm down, relax, breathe… I know your thinking right now, that how I can claim this hero as a support player? Find all Dota 2 hero positions explained here.
Well, to be honest with you I only play as a support competitively but we all play public games and wanna have some fun from time to time right?

And for me, Huskar was that really fun one to play with…

My Huskar Stats:
Huskar Hero StatisticsAnd I guess it shows very evidently here on my account. Can you just imagine how awesome it is to be the most notorious hero running around the map?

The main aspect of Huskar is to generally harass and keep your enemies on the edge of their discomfort and to apply pressure like a ticking time bomb. This is too obvious, but the title of our guide is “Versatile Monster” so I will explain how different item builds and skill-builds would prove to us the flexibility of this hero.

Huskar Early Game Guide:

Huskar Early Game
I picked three of my most used techniques when playing Huskar. The item build for me is standard for all three skill builds.

  • Standart Huskar:

    Huskar Standart Item BuildPros:
    This one is almost everyone’s choice of build when playing huskar as it gives you more DPS (damage per second) to your enemies in the lane and exerts more pressure by spamming your burning spears to the enemy heroes. Burning spears can also be used to farm creeps and to keep your opponent confused on the timing of your last hits.

    You might get yourself too low on HP and thus giving your enemy the chance to go after you, so always be careful with your positioning as Huskar is a short-ranged hero.

  • Anti Right Click Huskar:

    Huskar Right Click BuildPros:
    This maximizes your defensive capability against lets say an Ursa or a Troll Warlord. By simply casting Inner Fire it gives you about 3 and quarter of a second to not be attacked by the enemy hero, while at the same time you can capitalized on using your burning spears to harass him. This acts as an early BKB (Black King Bar) like scenario for your Huskar where he can more freely do damage. 😉

    This tactic might not deal much damage but defense is always the best offense as the old saying goes. Most of the time this also doesn’t guarantee you much of anything when the fight starts but keeping them low and evading their aggression will surely piss them off later in the lane.

  • Hybrid Huskar:

    Huskar Hybrid Item BuildPros:
    This build is one of my secrets to be honest, as this gives me the mind games to play with the enemy thinking that I am level 6 he would be cautious about me jumping into him with my life break were in fact I am just sneaking in more damage to him by going really fast and having high DPS on burning spears.

    It could make you look like a true own world meta player and we know it all, fail it all kind of player. If it goes wrong, team players could flame or report you. Having no ultimate on Huskar early in the game is too tempting to pass up, as he is one of the few heroes that could easily initiate and win a fight in the early game.

Huskar Mid Game Guide:

Huskar Mid GameSo this will be more of a narrative like part. As the games come to this point, we would heavily rely on what path you have chosen on the early game. As the continuation or the fix of it if it goes awfully wrong.

So I will give you four scenarios in the middle game how you can deal with it:

Scenario 1
You are Winning the game and your Hero is Dominating:

This is probably the time for you to already have most of your core items (BKB, Armlet, Satanic, Halberd, etc.). You can look forward to ending the game! You must constantly occupy the map, let your presence be felt around the complete map.

Scenario 2
You are Winning the game but your Hero is Losing:

This is the time for you to stay at the opposite side of the enemy heroes and to have more map awareness. Try to be more passive and farm like a mad man for now.

Scenario 3
You are Losing the game but your Hero is Dominating:

This is were you settle more in picking fights and just keeping the game much longer. Why? It’s to try and pump the life back to your team. It’s really hard to win it all, especially when Huskar’s team is losing hard. But being strong on this point, allows you to create more space and to buy some time. 😉

Scenario 4
You are Losing the game and your Hero is also Losing:

This is the toughest of all situations. The best thing to do here is to be careful and optimistic. Try to let the enemy make mistakes, wait for your timing and chances to make the game even again. Patience is the best behavior to have here, but also being creative at this point would surely help.

Huskar Late Game Guide:

Huskar Late GameThis will be probably another situational scenario for you. So we will discuss more about items.

This is the time were most likely the game is at a draw. The items you have in your inventory, feel like not being enough anymore to make you dominate the game. Here are some of my best tips about the most common situations. You feel like you can’t toggle well enough anymore in using your armlet. Because during the team fights almost all of the damage is being thrown at you.

I would suggest that you take it off and build accordingly to your scenario:

Scenario 1
Playing with Huskar against a Lina in Late Game:

It would be such a hindrance for you to time the on and off’s the armlet because of his fast attack and skill usage. The best suggestion I would say is to sell the armlet and go for Hurricane Pike. This is good if you wanna trade and have space against Lina and similar heroes, but that is only good if you can man-fight the hero. An alternative would be Bloodthorn as it would give you silence and critical strikes to burst down the hero faster.

Scenario 2
Playing with Huskar versus a Bloodseeker in Late Game:

So this doesn’t really sound good, as you cant go low health against a Bloodseeker. Now is another time to go for a new item:
I strongly recommend going for a Scythe of Vyse (Hex) especially if he doesn’t have BKB. This would allow you to go low on health and deal all the damage you can. If he ever gets BKB go for Assault Cuirass as this would be a standoff and having them lower in armor, might give you the advantage.

Key Factors to Win with Huskar
and what to Avoid!

The secret about Huskar is to be the main tempo control type of hero.
Let yourself be the dictator of the game, constantly applying pressure and being the big bad bully around the map.You need to distinguish your identity as the one not to be messed upon in the game.
If you feel magic is the only thing they can deal against you, rush that BKB!

By succeeding in that plan you will feel more that you have all the time and map. But don’t be fooled because for me I would strongly insist that Huskar gets weak in the late game. Winning with Huskar in Dota 2 Extending the mid-game destroys the early game prowess you established and you will fall significantly late.

Avoid being “Rekt” early because Huskar doesn’t have the power to increase the rate of his farming to catch up. If you would ever do try to flash farm with being low health. Remember you are already wounded in the game and being low on HP makes you more of a target than a bait.

Conclusion – Is Huskar an Option for You?

Huskar is a really good hero with lots of versatility as it would be normally looked upon.

If you have just noticed I didn’t guide you through the talent tree, because for me this is very heavily game dependent and would change a lot in different ways. My advice would be to go what your game instinct tells you. 😉 Believing in yourself is such an underrated thing in Dota and part of the highclass mind games. Never stop dreaming and just continue to practice every time you hit a roadblock. I hope you had fun reading!

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Contact Info:
Fiverr: I do coaching on Fiverr.
Discord: basoy6658#2027

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