Dota 2 Prize Pool – Prize Money of all Dota 2 Tournaments

The Prizepool of Dota 2 E-Sport Tournaments is astonishing high and this hypes every new International event. Here is a complete list of the price money compared!

Table of Contents:
1. Pricemoney of all Dota 2 Internationals
2. All Big Dota 2 Events listed
3. Has Dota 2 the biggest Prizepool?
4. How is such a price money possible?

Pricemoney of all Dota 2 Internationals:

Every year Dota 2 generates the highest prize pool than any other e-sport title:
The Dota International, it is the most epic event of Dota 2 that shakes the whole Dota community. This event is being hosted since the past eight years, every year Valve introduces something new and exciting that amazes the Dota 2 players and creates an epic battle between the top teams and pro players.

2019Shanghai, ChinaOG$34.330.068
2018Vancouver, Canada

2017Seattle, US

Team Liquid$24.787.916
2016Seattle, US

Wings Gaming$20.770.460
2015Seattle, US

Evil Geniuses (EG)$18.429.613
2014Seattle, US

2013Seattle, US

2012Seattle, US

Invictus Gaming$1.600.000
2011Cologne, GermanyNatus Vincere (NaVi)$1.600.000

List of Dota 2 Tournaments with a high Prizepool above $300k:

While the Dota 2 International is the e-sports tournament with the highest prize pool on earth, the total number of tournaments that are held every year is less than other competitive games such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offense and Fortnite. Here are the biggest tournaments above 300,000 dollars until 2020.

TournamentBase Prize in $Total Prize in $Tier
The International 20193.122.28734.310.846Major
DOTA Summit 11300,000300,000Major
ESL ONE Hamburg 2019300,000300,000Major
 StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2 (2019)300,000300,000Premium
OGA Dota PIT Minor 2019300,000300,000Premium
The International 2018$1,600,000$25,532,177Major
The International 2017$1,600,000$24,787,916Major
Dota 2 Asia Championship 2017$500,000$617,809Premium
The Kiev Major 2017$3,000,000$3,000,000Major
The International 2016$1,600,000$20,770,460Major
The Boston Major 2016$3,000,000$3,000,000Major
The Manila Major 2016$3,000,000$3,000,000Major
The Shanghai Major 2016$3,000,000$3,000,000Major
The International 2015$1,600,000$18,429,613Major
The Frankfurt Major 2015$3,000,000$3,000,000Major
The International 2014$1,600,000$10,931,105Major
The International 2013$1,600,000$2,874,380Major

Which E-Sport Game has the biggest Prize Money? Is it Dota 2?

Yes, the prize pool of Dota 2 is still the highest compared to any other game in E-sports. Counter-Strike and Fortnite have significantly more followers, but it’s not enough to beat Dota 2. Dota 2 has a static audience and only a 1-3% shift to another gaming platform. Games like Fortnite and PUBG have a temporary audience: Players quickly shift from one game to another.

For Example, at the end of the 2018 Fornite was on the peak. When Apex Legend became famous, it took 30% of the audience from Fortnite. Dota 2 has never faced such a change because Valve always comes up with something new which entertains its player until the next big patch update.

Total Prize Pool (until 2020)Total Pro PlayersTournaments
Dota 2$181,184,149.4229801126
Counter-Strike: Global Offense$77,470,004.37116204111
League of Legends$68,008,557.1464552309

How is it possible that Dota 2 generates such a huge Prize Pool?

Various Dota 2 Tournaments are held all over the world every year. Most of them are sponsored by massive companies like Steel Series, The Monster, etc. However, some are also held by Valve and Valve knows the techniques to generate the prize pool. Crowdfunding is the primary tactic of creating the prize pool, before every significant event Valve launches, small events (Battle Pass is a significant event and only held once in a year) on Dota 2. By participating in those events, players get immortals, mythical, etc. Of course, these events are not for free, and new treasures are also a significant part of these events.

Valve mostly hosts an event with its primary sponsor, Mercedes. The Dota International 2019 was also held in the Mercedez Benz Arena in Shanghai. Mercedes also gives a free car to one of the players from the winning Team. Yes! A Mercedes Benz worth more than $50,000. 😉 Supercool to see companies like that supporting the gaming industry.

How Valve generates such a high prize pool for The Dota International Tournament

Valve introduced The Dota International Tournament in 2011. However, back then, it was almost a failure because of the low prize pool and a fewer number of audiences. In 2012, the same thing happened again. However, in 2013 Valve came up with a DLC named Battle Pass Compendium. In Battle pass, Dota 2 players can increase their compendium levels through which they can get various Dota 2 items such as Treasures, Roulettes, Taunts, etc. The starting value of the battle pass is $9.99, higher the compendium level is the more rare items the player will get.
A part of the money a user spends goes to Valve, the other part goes into the prize pool of the next Dota 2 International.This idea was a total hit for Dota 2, Dota 2 generated $2,874,380 in just a few months. The Dota International 2019 Valve decided to use the 25% of the Battle Pass earning as the Prize pool of The Dota International. Dota community shook once when the prize pool was at its heights, and it automatically increased the participants, audience, and viewers.

It was just the start of the Battle Pass, and every year Valve came up with new surprises and events during the Battle Pass. Every current year the prize pool was beating the previous prize pools. This always created a high competition of the pro players and we were always able to see new hero tactics and combos. Let us see what happens next! 😀

Can Dota 2 players increase the Prize pool of a tournament?

Every player who buys a Dota 2 Battlepass can increase the Prize Pool. Many Dota 2 tournaments are based on crowdfunding, and The Dota International Tournament is the most prominent example of it. Like that it’s even possible for Dota 2 beginners to increase the prizepool. At least 25% of revenue generated by the compendium/Battle Pass directly goes to the Prize pool of the Tournament. The more Levels, compendiums, and treasures players will buy, the higher the prize pool will get.

How does a high prize pool give benefits to the Battle Pass owners?

Every year Valve has a goal to beat the previous prize pool record, so they create a reward for the Battle Pass owners. If the Prize Pool exceeds the last prize, then the Battle Pass owner’s will get free 10,000 Battle points. However, if it exceeds the goal set by the Valve, then the Battle pass Owner’s will get 10,000 more Battle points. This worked out every single year, I’m thrilled to see the upcoming Dota Internationals…

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