Dota 2 Taunts: How to Activate and use a Taunt?

Step by Step guide how you can use a taunt in Dota 2:

  • You need to have a taunt in your inventory . Buy one or get one in the battle pass for example (Read below how to get Taunts free).
  • Go to the inventory, find your taunt, right click it and select “equip item”.
  • Now browse the dota 2 settings: Select the “hotkeys section” then click on the advanced hotkeys option.
  • In the unit options section, the second last insert box is “Taunt Item”.
  • Click on the insert box to choose your desired hotkey for the taunt (the most people use “T” to make a taunt).
    Hot to activate Taunts in Dota 2 Menu
  • Now play Dota and select the hero, which you have assigned your taunt to! Inside the game now press the chosen key (T) and enjoy your taunt! 😉

What is a Taunt in Dota 2
and what is it for?

Dota 2 Hero Taunt AnimationTaunts are cosmetic items for heroes in Dota 2! A taunt causes heroes to perform in-game animations. It is used to mock or tease the enemy. Note: Not every hero has a taunt because a taunt is a complex animation, and it takes time to create.

Dota 2 has two types of taunts: manual play and autoplay Taunts. Before the 2015 international compendium, it was necessary to stand still while using taunt. It was like a channeling process, but after the 2015 international compendium (find an overview of all Dota internationals here) the taunt possibilities have been updated: Now you can use a taunt while moving, casting a spell, and even teleporting!

You cannot spam taunts because they have an 8-second cooldown. In the newer Battle passes, post- compendium taunts have been launched which even allow autoplay! Autoplay taunting is a feature that triggers an insult without any input.

Auto Taunts occur during various situations:

  • When you or an allied hero kills the enemy courier.
  • Denying a Rune before the enemy gets it.
  • Denying an allied hero (Tough one).
  • After a successful enemy team wipe, mostly done with the help of a smoke!
  • An epic escape with 15% or less health using a Town Portal Scroll or Boots of Travel.
  • You are escaping at 15% or less health while diving into a tower to kill an enemy.

Taunts are the best way to mock an enemy! It is adding another dimension to the game, and even can create psychologic advantages or provoke mind games!
Sometimes people forget to use a Taunt, in these situations the autoplay Taunts are priceless! 😉

How to get a Taunt from
Steam Store in Dota 2?

Every Dota 2 cosmetic is available on the Steam store and Taunts are one of them: You have to get your hands on them, without actively searching for them, you will only have very few taunts in your inventory.

To buy Taunts follow these simple steps:

  • Run Dota 2.
  • On the home screen, you will find a heroes option right next to shiny Dota 2 logo.
  • Click on the Heroes option.
  • It will redirect you to the heroes page where every hero is available.
  • Click on your favorite hero.
  • The Hero loadout will appear, below your hero spells. Six options are available: progression, trends, loadouts, stats, guides & about.
  • Click on the loadout option and all the cosmetics for your hero will appear.
    Dota 2 Taunt Loadout
  • Find the Taunt cosmetic of your hero (if there is any) then click on the price amount.
    How to get Dota 2 Taunts from Steam
  • It will redirect you to the Steam community market page, where taunt is available at multiple prices.
  • Select the lowest price for the Dota 2 Taunt one and enter the payment details.
  • After a few seconds, you will get an on-screen notification of the Taunt. Check your inventory and find your brand-new Taunt!
  • Equip the Taunt and use the Taunt during a game! 😉

How to get a Taunt
for Free in Dota 2?

For many gamers, it’s hard to spend money on Dota 2 cosmetics. There are some ways to get your hands onto free Dota 2 Taunts!

How to get free Dota 2 Taunts from the Steam Community and Social Media Platforms?

Giveaways are trendy these days! From the Steam community to social media platform, every famous and big player or streamer is doing giveaways. On Steam, you have multiple possibilities because in many groups giveaways are performed at a daily basis.

Moreover, you even have chances to get other fresh items like Dota 2 skins! On Facebook, Instagram, & Youtube, the pages- and channel-owners perform giveaways to promote their page/channel.

Just check it out you will find a massive amount of groups, pages, and channels that perform giveaways regularly. The more you will participate the more fruit you will get from it! 😉

How to get Free Taunts by participating in
temporary Events of Valve in Dota 2?

Valve always comes up with several temporary events such as Winter Weighs, Rylai event, Ending events, and many more! Every event in Dota 2 comes up with several gifts for Dota 2 players such as Treasures and Roulettes. To get these Dota 2 Treasures and Roulettes, you have to complete some quests and achievements.

Some Treasures and Roulettes also contain rare, extremely rare, and mythical items. That means you have chances to get these as well. Participate in each event and give your best, you will get some fantastic free Dota 2 Taunts for sure!

How to get Free Taunts from the Battle pass in Dota 2?

Dota 2 Battle Pass Taunts
The most awaiting and fantastic event in Dota 2 is Battle Pass. The International Battle Pass is coming up every year with new and unusual items, treasures, roulettes, and Taunts. You can get amazing Dota 2 Taunts only by increasing your level of Battle Pass.

The battle pass is not a free event you have to buy it for $9.99. However, it is worth buying because it comes up with tons of amazing cosmetics. Without spending money on the levels of the Battle Pass, you can reach level 80 to level 105. During, this journey, you will get tons of items, treasures, Roulettes, and Taunts. The taunts you will get are as follows.

For example the Taunts of the International 19 are:

  • At level 4, you will get Flopper (Slardar’s Taunt).
  • At level 16, you will get Cold-Hearted (Ancient Apparition’s Taunt).
  • At level 54, you will get Beast Master (Beast Master’s Taunt).
  • At level 86, you will get Dirt Surfer (Earth Spirit’s Taunt).

You can get the above taunts for free from the international Battle Pass. However, if you are planning to spend money on Battle Pass, you can get a ton of unusual taunts.

  • At level 144, you will get Rolling Stone (Tiny’s Taunt).
  • At level 192, you will get Shaman Dance (Shaman’s Taunt).
  • At level 210, you will get Fearless Cadence (Legion Commander’s Taunt).
  • At level 277, you will get Orderly Chaos (Chaos Knight’s Taunt).
  • At level 332, you will get a Harsh Critique (Grim Stroke’s Taunt).
  • At level 367, you will get Ice Cold Baller (Lich’s Taunt).
  • At level 442, you will get Bring it on (Antimage’s Taunt).

Does Pro Player’s use Taunts in Dota 2?

Yes Of course! To create humor in intense situations, pro players like Dendi usually use Taunts. Dendi and Sumail have used taunts several times in intense moments that shake the commentators and audience. Dendi typically uses it after making a perfect hook (he never misses a hook).

Often heroes die during a Taunt because they let their guard down, and the whole focus is on the Taunt. In this type of situation, enemies may take advantage. Only use the Taunt when you are pretty confident that not more than one enemy is near or the enemy has low hp. In a normal case, use the Taunt after something happened, not before! 😉

Find all your favorite taunts and keep them in your inventory, a good amount of cosmetics in an account also improves the worth of the account. Because rarer cosmetics has a good price on the Steam market.

Note: Do not always use Taunt to mock enemies – you can use it for fun as well. Sometimes it just puts a smile on somebody’s face! 😉

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