Dota 2 Pro Sumail – E-Sport Earnings of the Youngest Dota Millionaire

Top 3 Heroes:Storm Spirit, Ember Spirit, Shadow Fiend
Real Name:Syed Sumail Hassan

Who is the Dota 2 Progamer Sumail?
What are his e-sport earnings, which pro setup is he using and what is his personal story on his remarkable way to the Dota 2 International?
An in-depth spotlight on Sumail, a young infant prodigy in Dota 2 and his mind-blowing appearance in the e-sport scene!

About Sumail:

Sumail AvatarSumails Strength:
As a midlane player, Sumail loves to play heroes that require fast reactions with accurate & precise control.

Sumail’s E-Sport Dota 2 Story: The Rise of the Superyoung

Syed Sumail Hassan also known as Sumail started playing Dota at the age of seven, when most of the kids do not even know what the purpose of a computer is!Sumail playing Dota 2 Sumail was brought up in a city named Karachi in Pakistan. He used to play Dota in a gaming zone of Karachi along with his 11 years old cousin (Daniyal Zaidi). His cousin was the one who introduced him to Dota, and that was a life-changing step for him. 😉

Dota stared to be an addiction to Sumail. One day he ran out of money, so he sold his bicycle on which he used to go the gaming zone. Why did he do that? Because he wanted to play Dota for a few more days. Do you know what the exciting part is? The gaming zone was almost 3 miles away from his house. He had to walk 6 miles daily to play Dota. However, it was his first sacrifice on the road to his success…

From Pakistan to UsaAfter a few years, Sumail and his complete family moved to Rosemont, Illinois. There were eight members in his family, eight people living in a three-bedroom apartment – it was quite hard. Moreover, the income was also tight for them. Sumail never lost his hope and did not leave his passion behind.

After a few months in Illinois, he became a remarkable player and won the North American Elite League with the help of his team! This was his first big success and it wasn’t the last one…

When did Sumail officially
became a player of the Dota 2 International?

Rumors were spreading across a vast area and the player UNIVERSE (a member of Evil Geniuses) leaked the info that he knows a 14-year-old Dota God who will break the Dota 2 pro scene! Sumail won the Dota 2 InternationalAfter an immense number of trials, UNIVERSE succeeded to get Sumail into the official Evil Geniuses team!
His professional career started at the age of 15, and when he was 16, he made his team win THE INTERNATIONAL 2015 Tournament as the super important mid-laner! It is an official tournament hosted by Valve every year and Sumails epic skills made it able to reach a team price money of $6.6 million! Moreover, it skyrocketed Sumails career and he instantly got one of the highest-paid mid-laners in DOTA 2.

What is the Current Status of Sumail?

He is playing the role of a mid-laner and slaying all the enemy with his epic Storm Spirit, and people call Sumail the best Dota 2 Storm Spirit player of the world!

Currently, he is practicing hard for the upcoming International tournament. After losing in the Epicenter 2019, Sumail is exceptionally desperate to win the forthcoming international’s. Let us see how he will perform this time…

How did Sumail got his
first International Dota 2 Trophy?

After the great victory in the Dota 2 Asian championships, Evil Geniuses became one of the fiercest competitors. Why? Because Sumail nailed the final match with his epic Storm Spirit and Sumail became the youngest Dota 2 pro player of the world! Moreover, Evil Geniuses came home with a $1.2 million check. Everyone knew that Sumail’s performance just won the tournament nearly alone!journeytointerationalsumail

The Life-Changing International Final Match of Sumail:

Once their biggest opponent Team Secret was out, UNIVERSE and FEAR started to think they can easily win this, but EG lost two matches in the following straight in the Upper Bracket Finals against CDEC gaming! Just like EG, they were also carrying a wild card. This defeat made them serious, and EG was back on track and defeated LGD Gaming in the lower bracket finals. Now, it was time for the rematch…

How Sumail became the youngest E-Sports millionaire:

It came to the final matchday against CDEC again! Sumail was all booted up and ready to win. The final began and Sumail’s team and the fans blamed him because he died 3 times in a row in the first minutes! The western world was shocked, were these Asian teams unstoppable? It was a complete disaster for his signature hero Storm Spirit, but it was not the end of the game

Replay of Final Game One (EG vs CDEC):

After getting Orchid Malevolence, the game completely changed and he was back on track and dominated the enemy units and played a mind-blowing match! EG ended up with the International trophy and a paycheck of $6.6 million.
It was a life-changing moment for Sumail because he became the best youngest Dota 2 player in the Dota 2 Community and the youngest E-Sports millionaire over night!

Things Sumail carries in his Bag
during the International Event:

During the preparations of The Dota International 2017, a reporter of Steel Series asked Sumail about his essentials, which he carries while traveling for the International competitions.Things Sumail carry during events

  • Sumail’s Sneakers
    Sumail was somehow addicted by fashion from an early age on, but due to having no money at all, he was never able to buy things he loved. However, now he can, according to Sumail, his favorite shoes are Jimmy Choo. Whenever he needs to go to an event or a stage, he never leaves home without a few pair of stylish shoes. 😉
  • Sumail’s Gaming Mouse: Sensei 310
    Of course, the perfect mouse is crucial for good gameplay in Dota 2: Sumail never uses a new mouse during an event because it affects the moving speed and grip of the player. According to Sumail the Sensei 310 is the Best Gaming Mouse he has ever used after Sensei RAW. Sumail used Sensei Raw for a few years, but a few months before The International Dota 2017 he switched to the Sensei 310, find the lowest price on Amazon here.
  • Energy Drink: The Monster Rehabs
    Pro players have to frequently travel for their matches and sometimes they have to play many significant games on one single day. To avoid jet lag and to be active during the Dota 2 events, Sumail consistently uses The Monster Rehabs (Peach). It keeps him active and of course, if he is active, then the winning chances of the team will increase.
  • Backpack: Targus X SteelSeries
    To carry all these things Sumail needs a good bag with lots of spaces: The Targus X from Steelseries is his favorite bag, which keeps all things in it symmetrically. Even after placing so many things in the bag, Sumail still got plenty of space in it. He leaves that space only for one thing – You know for what? For the International Dota Trophy! 😀
  • Gaming-Headset: Arctic 7
    Sumail always keeps this headset with him, and he loves it a lot because he cannot tolerate entangled headsets in a backpack. Although wireless headsets are the best choice for him. To keep yourself synced with your teammate’s a top-notch headset like the Arctic 7 gaming headset is necessary.
  • Jewelry
    You will always see Sumail wearing a bracelet and a few rings because of his love for Captain Jack Sparrow. 😀 Sumail loves the style of Johnny Depp and tries his best to copy him. According to him, these small things keep him motivated towards his goal.
  • Smartphone
    Of course, who does not carries a phone? Fun-Fact: Dota 2 pro player are not allowed to use smartphones during the matches. The management team of the tournament takes them away from the players and give it back to them after a game. 😉
  • Sumail’s Passport
    Vital asset, without it Sumail could not travel from one state to another. The International is held in many different countries.
  • Qck Gaming Mousepad Evil Geniuses Edition
    A custom made mouse pad for Evil Geniuses, a comfortable mouse pad multiplies the movement speed of the player’s mouse.
  • Sumail’s Gaming Keyboard: Apex M500 Evil Geniuses Edition
    Just like players cannot switch their mouse with new ones during a match, the same thing applies for gaming keyboards.
    It takes a few days to get comfortable on a new asset, that’s why Sumail always carry his favorite keyboard, the Apex M500 EG-Edition, which fans can get on amazon.

What are Sumail’s Biggest
Dota 2 Achievements so far?

According to Sportskeeda, at the age of 17, Sumail earned $2.4 million and became the 3rd highly paid professional gamer in Dota 2. Moreover, Sumail owns a Guinness World Record of the youngest player to cross $1 million marks in tournament winnings.

Sumail’s Biggest E-Sport Achievements:

  • Sumail Asian ChampionshipIn 2015 Sumail won the Dota 2 Asian Champions 2015, and his team went home with a paycheck of $1.2 million. (It was his first significant earning from gaming).
  • After five months his team won the Dota Pit league Season 3 and got a paycheck of $126K.
  • After one month, 8th August 2018, Evil Geniuses won The Dota International 2015 and got a massive amount of $6.6 million. Sumail nailed the finals, and his Storm Spirit got the title of best Storm Spirit ever.
  • Best Storm Spirit SumailIn 2016, Evil Geniuses won the Mars Dota 2 League 2016 Autumn and got a paycheck of $112K.
  • In 2017, Evil Geniuses won the Manila Masters and got the prize pool of $125K.

It is time for the major tournament again. The next Dota 2 International will start soon, and every team is working hard to get that shiny trophy and of course the prize pool as well. Let us see how Sumail will perform and how far he can go! 😉

E-Sport Earnings of Sumail:

2019 started quite poor for Sumail, and it made him lose his ranking. Sumail fell down from third highest to sixth-highest E-sports earning player in Dota 2!
The current E-Sport earnings of Sumail add up to 3.349.914.94 dollars, coming from 63 professional tournaments and the number is increasing and increasing…
Sumails Dota 2 E-Sport EarningsOn this image you can see his income, the screenshot is taken in July 2019, for a newer info checkout the updated E-Sport earnings.

Sumail’s Income by Age:

  • At the age of 15, Sumail got the 3rd position in D2L Season 5 and got a prize of $1,733. Later on, he won the DAC 2015 and reached the 1st position, got a prize pool of $256,831.
  • At the age of 16, Sumail played a total amount of 12 tournaments out of which he got 1st position in three of them ( Dota Pit League Season 3, The International 2015 and The Summit 4). The amount Sumail got from these three matches was $1.35 million. In rest of the matches, his team ended up mostly at 2nd and 3rd position. The total money Sumail made at the age of 16 is $1,494,702
  • At the age of 17, Sumail played 15 tournaments out of which in four tournaments (Captains Draft 3.0, Mars T.V Dota 2 League Autumn, China Top 2016 Dota 2, Dota Pit league Season 5) his team got the 1st position. In rest of the tournaments, Evil Geniuses ended up at the 3rd and 4th position. During this year, Sumail earned a total amount of $648,263.80.
  • Unfortunately, 18 was not a good number for Sumail. When Sumail was 18, he played 18 tournaments and only won one, rest of the matches were also not good enough. Sumail earned $265,607.60 at the age of 18.
  • Sumails New StyleSumail played 11 tournaments at the age of 19, out of which they only won 2. These two tournaments were not that big and important. However, Evil Geniuses ended up at the 3rd position in The International Dota 2018. The total amount Sumail earned at the age of 19 is $638,775.
  •  20 number is not well for Sumail, after participating in 5 tournaments, Sumail has earned only $44,000. Let us see what happens in The International 2019.

Fun fact: As you can see on the image, with a higher income and higher e-sport earnings, Sumail is changing his style, he got a new haircut, with colored hair in green-blue colors and his wearing luxury jewelry. 😉

 Is Sumail streaming Dota 2 on Twitch?

After winning The international 2018, Sumail got pretty famous.
He got 30.000 Twitter followers in just one day. Streaming on Twitch is trendy these days people are making thousands of dollars out of it.SumailTwitchAccountMoreover, when it comes to playing Dota 2, Sumail can play all day long.

Sumail has a twitch account called sumayyl with over 170.000 Twitch followers, and people like to watch him a lot because of the humor he creates while playing Dota 2.
Most of his streaming videos are 4 to 5 Hrs long, and the best part is that many people watch him until the stream ends. If you want to improve your skills, then start watching his streams and videos – he always comes up with new tricks which can help you in becoming a better player. 😉


Sumail is a perfect example of hard work – if you have passion towards something then do not leave it behind. Follow it until you have achieved it…

Big dreams require significant sacrifices, like Sumail did at the age of 8 when he sold his bicycle. 😉

Work Hard, improve your skills, enhance them until you are not satisfied…

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