Dota 2 Hero Guide: The Unstoppable Storm Spirit

Storm Spirit is one of the strongest mid heroes in the game. You get to kill your enemies while you’re jumping from here to there, doing the classic zip and zap.
In this Dota 2 Storm Spirit Hero Guide, you’ll learn the best item builds according to each situation, how to position yourself, counters and friends and how to, of course, carry the game.
Don’t get surprised if your enemies think you’re Sumail. Believe me! 😉

Today’s Guest on Dota2Freaks:

Avatar Ferruzo

Player Introduction: Ferruzo
Hi, everyone! I’m Ferruzo, a female player and streamer from Peru. I’ve been playing this game for more than 6 years!
When I first started playing, I did it just for the memes and didn’t think MMR was a big deal, so I was… You know, picking Spirit Breaker and diving everyone to their fountain in my 1k mmr games. But then, I realized I wanted to be better and after a lot of effort, time and determination, I managed to climb to inmortal top 2200 and appear in the Americas Region Leaderboard with 5700 MMR. 🙂

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Dota 2 Storm Spirit
Hero Guide:

This is how I started loving this hero:

How Storm Spirit became
my best Hero:

Dota 2 has all types of heroes: tanky boys, squishy supports, tanky supports, right clickers, the wombo combo makers and so on, but the kind of heroes I love the most are the ones with low cooldown in their spells and that can also initiate and escape. In a nutshell, I love the ones that are hard to catch. Like Storm Spirit himself would say: “looking for me?”

I remember watching Sumail in the TI5 Grand finals and thinking, “I have to master that hero, he looks so cool”. Of course, it wasn’t easy from the word go, I might have ruined a couple of ranked games trying to practise, but I had the necessary motivation to continue my journey with Storm Spirit. 😉

After some time and more than 200 games with him, he became my signature hero in the mid lane. There’s nothing but fear when I have the stormy weather on my side. I eventually learnt how to dodge the enemy’s spells, how to jump from large distance and to predict the enemy’s movement.

Dota 2 Storm Spirit Hero

What items do I build
for Storm Spirit?

As you may know already, Dota2 has different stages: early, mid and late game. You have to remember that every item you buy has specific timings in the game. For example, if you get Guardian Greaves at 20 minutes, it’s gonna generate a huge impact in team fights. On the other hand, if you buy it at 40 minutes, it’s gonna be a bit useless. 😕

Keeping this in mind, I’ll show you my item build in this Dota 2 Storm Spirit Hero Guide!

Early Game Items:

I have 2 ways of building Storm Spirit at this stage:


Storm Spirit Agressive Early Game ItemsThe early game is crucial because of the last hits! So in this stage, you’ll need some damage to deny and get the creeps. Storm Spirit’s base damage is 54, but if we buy 2 Mantles of Intelligence, 2 Branches and 1 Circlet, we’ll have 64 damage, which is huge!

I usually start the game like that when I want to play aggressive because the enemy mid is weak like invoker and I don’t need tons of regen in terms of mana and health. With this build, you can easily harass the enemy. Then, you can build your 2 Nulls, Bottle and Power Treads.


Storm Spirit Passive Early Game ItemsOn the other hand, if you know that you’re playing against a tinker, who is always lasering you, then you’ll need a faster bottle! “But, why?”, you might be wondering. Well, because you will have to farm with the help of the static remnant since you won’t be able to hit creeps due to the laser.

So, we need to buy less items at the start now. We need to buy 2 Branches and 1 Mantle of Intelligence. By doing this, we’ll be starting the game with 355 gold and if your mates get 2 Bounty Runes, you’ll just need a couple of creeps to get your bottle.

If you get your bottle before the clock hits 2 minutes, then you can grab a rune and have plenty of regen to stay in lane and farm creeps with the remnant and maybe start helping your teammates with ganks! 😉
Don’t forget to ask for your 2 Tangoes and get your ward (now they’re free!)

Mid Game Items:

Storm Spirit Mid Game ItemsHere, the big item you have to buy is Bloodstone. This item will give you a lot of life and mana regen. Besides, you’ll get charges everytime you kill an enemy. In the current patch, Bloodstone is made of Kaya + Soul Booster and if you want to make a difference in every team fight, I suggest buying it before 20 minutes.

The Magic Wand is situational. It depends on the enemy draft because if they’re throwing spells all the time, you might want to buy it. I love completing the 2 Nulls because it gives so much intelligence for a cheaper price and the power treads are great on storm. It gives him enough attack speed when he’s diving supports and helps to make kills faster.

The bottle is a must-have item for this Storm Spirit. It helps you regen and grab runes for ganking. Moreover, a support can tp to where you are and fill it! 😉

Late Game Items:

Storm Spirit Late Game Item BuildThis is the stage of the game I love the most! I know the great majority hates this phase because it gets harder to win team fights, but for Storm Spirit players like me… Believe me, it’s a pleasure. You can zip and zap from really large distances like your Tier 2 Tower to a team fight happening in Roshan. And you might kill the entire team just by jumping.

I love getting Shiva’s guard because when you take this long jumps, you can activate this item while jumping and as you reach your final destination, EVERYTHING gets destroyed! You might even delete the enemy Hard Support’s Dota by jumping and using the fearsome Shiva’s Guard. Poor little guy, he might never know what killed him so fast.

If the enemy team has a lot of lockdowns and stuns, then buy a Black King Bar (BKB) to jump in and out, so that you can secure a kill and your safety. I like Orchid on Storm because you might force the enemy Hard Carry’s BKB and then you can jump out or you can easily eliminate a support. Finally, Linken’s Sphere will keep you safe in case the enemy bought a hex or another way to kill you.

Which abilities do I skill
with Storm Spirit?

In this Dota 2 Storm Spirit Hero Guide, I will teach you how to max your abilities:
As you may know, Storm Spirit has 4 spells and one of them is passive. Storm Spirit SpellsThe Static Remnant is an explosively charged image that deals tons of damage. The Electric Vortex is a stun the pulls the enemy to Storm’s location (you can combine it with the Remnant to make a little combo!). The overload is the passive ability that gives extra damage to Storm everytime he uses a spell. Finally, the Ball Lighting turns our hero into a ball of electricity making him invulnerable!

Now let’s check what to skill in the most important levels:

  • Static Remnant is mandatory in level 1.
  • In level 2, you have to skill the overload to start making damage combined with your remnant.
  • I usually put a point on the overload when I hit level 3, so that I can start harrasing with my hits.
  • Level 4 can be situational. If you’re winning the lane and might kill the enemy mid, you might want to give a point to the Electric Vortex, but if you’re struggling, you might get a point on the Remnant to farm jungle faster eventually.
  • I usually skill my remnant to have more damage in level 5.
  • leveling up your ultimate in level 6 is mandatory! Don’t save it.

Then, what I personally do is start maxing the Overload so I can have a lot of damage when I’m jumping into team fights. And the Electric Vortex is the last spell I skill fully.

Storm Spirit Talent Tree Guide:

When I hit level 10, I always go for the Overload damage because I have my bottle and I try to catch as many runes as I can to regen myself all the time, so I probably won’t need the +3 Mana Regen Talent.

In level 15, the +80 Static Remnant Damage is great in team fights! You won’t need the +400 Health because Bloodstone will make you tankier already.
Dota 2 Storm Spirit Talent TreeIn level 20, the +30 Attack Speed is awesome! Just a couple of patches before, when you had the Drow Aura, you would usually go for the Electric Vortex Talent because you already had attack speed. But nowadays, we don’t have that aura anymore. 😕

Level 25 is the funniest among all levels! The 500 Distance Auto Remnant in Ball Lightning Talent makes Storm Spirit one of the strongest heroes in late game. I always choose this talent and I would just jump back and forth around my enemies and remnants will do the job for me!

Key Factors to Win
the Game with Storm Spirit:

“But, Ferruzo, I’m picking Storm Spirit and I’m losing all my games.” Don’t worry, my friend, in this Dota 2 Storm Spirit Hero Guide, you’ll learn that there are factors that are as equally important as buying the right items.

Storm Spirit JumpYou have to learn to position yourself and be patient. The fact that you can jump from one place to another doesn’t mean that you’re just gonna go crazy and jump into 5 heroes. Let your team go in front and wait for the enemies to waste their most important resources (like ultimates and stuns) on your team. Then, you can enter and give the big SURPRISE!

Use your spells wisely and don’t waste all your mana. Remember storm is a mana-dependant hero! You don’t wanna jump into a team fight with 5% of your mana pool available.

Synergies and Counters
for Storm Spirit:

Storm Spirit Counters and Synergies

Storm spirit is bad against every hero that can silence him or drain his mana. For example, a doom is lethal to him since our hero depends on spells. If you’re laning against a Skywrath Mage, then you might struggle really hard. Death prophet and puck are also really strong counters because of their silence spell. And I believe Anti mage is one of the biggest counters if he gets lots of farm. You just won’t feel comfortable in these situations.

This hero is really good against squishy supports like Crystal Maiden, Lich or even hard carries like Drow, Bloodseeker and Phantom Assassin. If you have a good lane, then you’ll be able to carry the game against these heroes. Of course, you’ll need the help of your mates in the beginning.

If you wanna make amazing wombo combos then Lifestealer is the best. He just has to infest you and the rest is history! Good friends are also initiators with big spells like Earthshaker or Axe. They can make some time with their abilities for you to come jumping!

By the way, if you’re playing with your friends and you want them to pick one of these heroes like Axe, you can suggest this great guide on Axe Snowball Healing Push.

My Storm Spirit has been countered!
What should I do?

Don’t worry! Rest assured that this is not the end of the world. This happens all the time and you will have to learn to deal with these stressful situations. Well, we already know how to deal with the stress that Dota brings to our lives, am I right?

If you somehow got countered, then you have to analyze the situation. Maybe you’ll need an early BKB before completing that Bloodstone because the enemy team has so much lockdown and stuns. Probably, you will have to be more patient and wait for the counter pick to waste his resources on someone else, so that you can jump with safety. Everything in this game is a matter of patience, attitude and creativity! 😉

Conclusion and my advice to you

Well, this hero is awesome and fun but he’s not completely perfect. The fact that he depends a lot on his mana pool makes you gauge your movements a lot, but also develops your patience and calculation skills. In the beginning, it’s gonna be hard for you to adapt to this hero and you’ll probably enter the battle as a god, but with no awareness of your mana pool. Believe me, practice makes perfect!

So, good luck and have fun zapping and zipping with Storm Spirit. I hope you could use this Dota 2 Storm Spirit Hero Guide to improve your Dota 2 rank!

Leave a comment below. Any feedback will be appreciated it.
And happy gaming! 🙂

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