Dota 2 Pro: Ana – The Hard Carry of Team OG

Top 3 Heroes:Ember Spirit, Phantom Lancer, and Spectre
Real Name:Anathan Pham

The Australian boy Ana had a stony road to success, but his carry capabilities allowed him to win the TI8 and TI9. These wins boosted him into the top 5 rankings of the current Dota 2 income list with a prize pool of over 5 million dollars.

About Ana:

Ana AvatarAna’s Strength:
Ana has to rely onto his game tools and settings to bring his full team through and carry each Dota game as position 1.

Dota 2 Player Profile of Ana

Ana Dota 2 Player ProfileAna won a lot of Dota 2 tournaments and always kept the skill level high. Playing live was a complete desaster first but with good support and more experience Ana managed to be able to show his real skill also on the main-stage of live events.

Ana is playing position 1 in Dota 2 and loves to execute hard carry plays. On carries there is huge pressure, but Ana is one of the top carries worldwide in the Dota 2 scene.

How old is Ana?

Born in 1999, Ana is a quite young Dota 2 champion. When he took part in the Dota 2 International 2018 Ana was 18 years old and at the TI 2019, he was 19 years old. He still has a lot of time to get even more e-sport titles and earnings!

Ana’s Social Channels:

DotabuffOG.anaAna’s Dotabuff Profile

Ana invented the Io Carry:

The Io carry was one of the big tactics of the Dota 2 International 2019 and Ana was the main interpret of it. The Io carry strategy had been already played before by others in public matches, but Ana was the one who brought it onto the main stage of the biggest Dota 2 event by now! Ana Carry IOYou have to feel very comfortable and self-reliant to execute this gameplay: Carry Io has a tremendous right-click damage but team OG with Ana played him on a strong dual-lane and then as a semi-carry along with other perfect combinations. Ana can play Io on position 1 or 2 and always combined him with a Tiny or Elder Titan as if he would play a support Io. Like that you get access to an extremely powerful dual-lane combo and the lane is hard to compete. Then you can farm well with Io, while your lane combo is keeping the enemy away. The support can also feel comfortable, because once he is getting low, Io can tether him and help him out.

For Ana, it was important to get the Helm of Dominator on Io early on so that he can get a strong creep like an Alpha Wolf to even farm better and be less dependent on teammates.

The journey of an Australian Teenager to an E-Sport Millionaire

Ana Dota 2 E-Sport StoryAnathan “Ana” Pham is an Australian Dota 2 player who shook the world with his epic carry skills.

Ana started his gaming career in Dota 2 and in no time became a famous player in Australia. However, while being in Australia he was not seeing the success he wanted to have. Therefore he made a life-changing decision and moved from his hometown to Shanghai in 2015.

Ana joined CDEC in 2015:

A good player is always a good player and Ana became popular in Shanghai as well. After a few efforts team CDEC approached him and gave him an offer that you can only join the team permanently if you will be able to compete with the Chinese professional players in the upcoming tournament along with us.

After this non-dropable offer, Ana increased his practicing hours and skipped everything else. He was dropped out of high school, but for this, his parents stopped supporting him. It was a hard time for Ana, but his brother knew that Ana could make his life in esports. Therefore, he convinced his parents to support Ana. Unfortunately, CDEC did not give him a permanent place.

In 2016 Ana played for Invictus Gaming:

Invictus Gaming AnaSo, after the CDEC, Invictus Gaming approached Ana and offered him to join as a substitute for Ferrari 430. In March 2016, Ana started his professional gaming career along with Invictus Gaming. NEA 2016 was right ahead after his joining.
He needed to show some epic gameplay. Ana did show tremendous gameplay and defeating Team Newbee in the Grand Final.
After the monumental NEA 2016 win, Ana became famous all over the Dota community.

Ana saved the shattered captain Notail

After winning the NEA 2016, the hype around Ana led to internal team clashes. Therefore he left Invictus Gaming and searched for a new team. At that time, Notail was all alone and shattered because he was kicked out of his team. He was in search of new players, to rebuilt OG. Ana joined team OG and built a strong relationship with Notail.
Team OG with Ana and Fly
In November Ana won his first Major tournament (Elimination Mode Season 2) along with OG. Later on, OG won consecutive championships Including premier and The Boston Major.
Ana became an unstoppable competitor. OG was continuously showing fantastic performance in 2017 as well. OG won the Dota Pit League Season 5, StarLadder i-League Star Series Season 3 and Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017.

Dota 2 Kiev Major 2017After dominating these four tournaments, Ana showed epic gameplay in the Kiev Major 2017, and OG won the tournament. Later on, OG was qualified for The International 2017. But Ti7 did not go well for the team OG, and they did not even make it to the upper bracket. OG ended up at position 7-8th with a devastating loss against LGD.

Ana left OG after the Ti7 fail:

After the shameful lose in T7, the whole team was shattered. Therefore, Ana announced that he is taking a break from the competitive scene. During his break, he joined the Team Echo International and played for a small-time spawn with them…

Ana Returning to OG

ana back to the team
Notail had to replace Ana meanwhile, but whatever he tried didn’t work out. So, team OG was relieved when Ana came back to join them in 2018 before the super Major. However, a few weeks before the Supermajor, Fly and S4 betrayed team OG and joined EG. Notail was furious for revenge and Ana was holding his back. OG skipped the Super Major and went in search for some good players to be able to participate in The International 2018.

Notail was desperate for revenge and Ana was desperate for the Aegis of Champions. Perfect combination, desperation always lead to victory. Ana was fresh and active after the break. He showed next level gameplays all over the tournament. Ana became the main reason behind defeating PSG.LGD. In the 5th match of the Grand, Final Ana showed his signature hero Ember Spirit to the world. Moreover, Ana received the title of the MVP of Ti8.Team OG 2018 with AnaAn Australian boy with limited professional gaming experience won the Aegis of Champion. Moreover, he earned over $2 Million. After the marvelous win, Ana gave a short interview.

Ana Dota 2 Interview

“Every time I come back to Dota, it’s always exciting to see what has happened and what’s happening now. I find it hard to play Dota competitively for a long period of time – year-long periods – it becomes very tiring and even sometimes boring. I need breaks, but I always enjoy coming back!”

Again, after the Ti8, Ana announced a short break from Dota because he wanted to enjoy his happy moments with his family. During that time, Ana was moved to the inactive roster of OG.

Ana came back for The Dota International 2019

After the Ti8, without Ana, OG started suffering again. Moreover, the Ti9 was also going to start in a few months. Therefore, Ana joined the OG back in March 2019 to win the Ti9 with the perfect timing.
They trained a lot and Ana was on his highest skill level quickly.

The International 2019 was held in Shanghai, China. Team OG became the team with the highest wins in the tournament. Moreover, the team to reach first to the Grand Final without any worries. No team was able to stand in front of the unstoppable carry, Ana. The perfect collaboration between the teammates was boosting the Morale and skill rate of Ana.

Ana trolling Team Liquid in the Grand Final

In the first match of the Grand Finale, Ana picked one of his best heroes: Spectre. It was a tough match because of the Team Liquid awesome hero lineup. In the start, Team Liquid was pushing OG back to the wall. But they forgot Ana is not participating in the fights and farming silently.  After getting Radiance, Ana got fat in no time. Ana alone was scaring the whole enemy team. Spectre was a full tank with 6000 gold.

Ana was so confident that team OG will win the Grand Final that he even gave a chance to Team Liquid to win the Tournament. In the late game, OG was dominating Team Liquid. Ana Dota 2 Meme Buyback
Suddenly OG gave a throw to Team Liquid, and Team Liquid came to the base of OG. Team Liquid was going for the Ancient, and still, Spectre was not using the buyback. 😀
ou must be thinking he might have not enough gold to buyback. No, Ana had 5.5k gold. He was trolling Team Liquid as if they could still make it, his fans later said he saved the buyback for game two. 😀

When the ancient was below half HP, Ana did the buyback and stood right next to the ancient — waiting for Team Liquid to destroy it. In the next, three matches Ana dominated Team Liquid and won the Grand Final with a 1-3 score.

Ana earned 3.1 million dollars and became the youngest Dota 2 player to win consecutive two Dota International Tournaments.

Esports earning of Dota 2 player Ana

At the age of 19, Ana already earned $5.999.411 from 23 Dota 2 Tournaments. Moreover, he became the third player in the world with the highest e-sport making in the world.

I am very curious how much he will make in the next years. Let’s get ready and learn a lot from Ana! At the Ti8 Ana had an income of $2.2M and at the Ti9 $3.1M, so 2020 and the upcoming Dota 2 events look promising. 😉
Ana Dota 2 Earnings

Ana’s highest Dota 2 Team Prize Money (Top 10)

PositionTournamentPrize Pool
1stThe International 2019$15,613,500
5-6thMDL Disneyland® Paris Major$60,000
7-8thEpicenter Major$40,000
1stThe International 2018$11,234,200
7-8thThe International 2017$617,198
1stThe Kiev Major 2017$1,000,000
2ndDota Pit League Season 5$34,965
2ndDota 2 Asian Championships 2017$91,799
1stThe Boston Major 2016$1,000,000
1stNational Electronic Arena 2016$120,216

Has Ana a girlfriend?

Ana has a girlfriend and she wrote on insta that she is the proudest girlfriend of the best boyfriend. The image has been posted after the TI8.Dota 2 ana girlfriend

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