Dota 2 Drafting Tool: Dotapicker (Pick Helper & Counterpicks)

Picking and Drafting is a challenging task in Dota 2: Dotapicker helps you drafting better to improve your Dota 2 matchmaking experience.

Introduction: What is DotaPicker?

Currently are more than Dota 2 108 heroes available in the game, it is almost impossible to keep all of them in mind when making a pick. Picking in Dota 2 is all about the pros and cons inside a matchup. Countering the enemy is key for the offense as well as for the defense.

The human body has limits, which leads to poor decision making. It has been seen even at the professional level where some teams could not draft well, which resulted in their defeat.

Dota 2 Picking Decisions based on Data:

Because of these facts it’s useful to have a helping hand that is is based on data:
DotaPicker is a counter picker web application, specially designed for Dota 2. Hero Pick Suggestions
It is one of the most efficient hero counter picker applications available. It deduces results from previously calculated statistical suggestions from millions of matches.
The match data gets directly collected via the Steam Web API.

The primary focus of DotaPicker is to pick a better hero for your team. It gathers information from the enemy hero picks and combines it with the synergy of your team. Moreover, it helps to select the most advantageous heroes in a given scenario. It is a single page application that allows you to view the results and counter pick your enemies during the drafting phase.

Bonus: It is not only beneficial in just drafting but also provides an opportunity by picking a hero outside from your comfort zone, that you usually would have never chosen. 😉

How to get started with DotaPicker?

  • Open the website
  • In the upper right corner click on the login button and sign in with your Steam account. It will display a connection status box to see possible authentication error. DotaPicker will receive all your information and give you access to most of its features. Whenever you start a match, it will be connected automatically, and start giving you suggestions.
  • Open Dota 2, select the settings and open the “options” tab.
  • Check the “Expose Public Match Data” box to allow external software like Dotapicker to collect your game data.
  • That’s it, give Dotapicker a bit time to connect. 😉

Is DotaPicker Free? Does it have a Premium Version?

Dota Picker FeaturesDotaPicker is free! You have the option to upgrade to Dotapicker “Personal” to get even more features. Dotapicker Personal costs 2$ per month.

Dotapicker Pro Features:

  • By turning on Dotapicker Personal, you will get better hero suggestions (based on your recent performances).
  • It will help you draft according to your comfortable playstyle, by not including the unsuccessful heroes.
  • It will also assist you in picking your weak heroes when it fits the lineup well.
  • You can choose what heroes carry, support, offlaner, etc you want to play. Find all Dota 2 roles and positions explained here.
  • The personal feature will remove all the ads from the website.
  • Your matches will be continuously updated, even after logging out.

There are other purchasable packages available, choose the one that fits for you. I am using the free version, since that’s sufficient for me.

How to get Hero Suggestions
for the Drafting Phase:

How to use Dota PickerTo simply start using the Dotapicker tool, add heroes to the enemy team, to your team or if you haven chosen the CM mode, to the ban heroes:
Drafting a Hero

After adding a few heroes to your team and the enemy team, the Dotapicker algorithm is able to suggest specific heroes. Here you can see that Drow Ranger, Riki, and Earthshaker are good candidates for the team to play vs Antimage and Bane:
Dota 2 Hero Drafting Tips
You can do that for yourself and as a captain in cm-mode. If you want to suggest heroes for random allies click alt and on the specific hero to send a notification of that hero in the chatbox. That hero portrait will also be highlighted!

The suggestions are calculated statistically from the raw data of millions of matches. Two different modes come with suggestions, each having plenty of benefits. You might:

  • Use a win rate over advantages. This mode will suggest you the most played heroes from current meta and increasing your chances of winning.
  • Use advantages over the win rate. It recommends a much bigger hero pool and allows you to improve and learn something new.

Extensive Dota 2 Drafting Guide:

Dota 2 Drafting Guide BookBecause of the complexity of drafting, I recommend this tutorial to be aware of what is really important when playing an All-Pick or Captains-Mode match.

If you get good at drafting and picking, you will climb the ranks ladder faster. 🙂
Try it out and have fun:
Detailled Drafting Tutorial

How to profit from the Dota 2 Meta with the “Meta Analyzer”?

This tool evolves with different map versions. It shows the most dominant heroes from the ongoing pub meta. It merely compares the win rates for each skill group from the early, mid, and late parts of the game.Pub-Meta-Analyze

  • The standard deviation column measures the win rates between different skill levels.
  • It’s not 100% accurate as it is the raw data from all pick matches. It merely gives hero suggestions because of a strong performance in the most lineups.
  • The data updates in intervals.
  • The different columns represent the win rates between different map versions.
  • Early games are matches which finish before 20 min mark, mid games last until 40min, and above that are all considered late games.

Hero Winrates and Pickrates Feature:

This tool consists of multiple charts that provide data, separated by the skill level and length of the game.
It makes the decision making pretty easy by showing you which heroes, picked by other players, are dominating the current meta.

Dota 2 Countering and Synergies Drafting Helper:

DotaPicker comes with a bunch of different facilities that players can use. One of them is “counter and synergy picker”. It is an All-Pick and Captains-Mode hero picking tool.Counter-and-Synergy-Picker It gives you the hero suggestions based on the enemy counter pick. There are also options for selecting the lanes and roles for the specific hero.

Countering & Synergy Drafting Features:

  • Pick Suggestions:

    It will suggest the best possible heroes after analyzing the enemy picks. You can also select a preferred role.

  • Ban Suggestions:

    You can select the specific role, and DotaPicker will give the most efficient banning suggestions. It will get you a head start against the opponents.

  • Map Laning:

    It is one of the beta features which, by default, shows which lanes your hero will be most useful.

  • Matchups:

    If you are making a win prediction, then the matchup table will help you out. It also shows which team or hero has a significant advantage! 😉

  • Copy/Paste:

    This option helps you suggest hero picks and bans to your teammates. It will benefit your entire team and give a head start against your enemies.

Dota 2 Hero and Team XP
Advantage Graph:

Hero-Team-XP-advantage-graphThis graph represents the heroes and their impact at a certain point in the games.
Each line shows the XP advantage that the hero brought for his team at a particular moment in-game. After analyzing thousands of games, it can mathematically deduce the most accurate results.

It is beneficial in improving your playstyle and learning new ways to get more XP for your team.

Opinion about DotaPicker:

Dota Picker OpinionDota 2 is a much more complex game than one can imagine. It takes a lot of time to understand and implement your plans.

DotaPicker is not flawless, but it certainly is beneficial when it comes to improving your gameplay.
You might not like it at first, but it is definitely worth giving it a shot. After a few games, you will see results, data wins vs. the human brain. 😉

Find more helpful stuff on our Dota 2 tools page.

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