Dota Underlords
Dota 2 Auto Chess

Dota Underlords vs Dota Auto Chess

Which Dota 2 minigame is better? Dota Underlords or Dota 2 Auchochess, checkout the comparrisson and choose the game you like 😉

What is better Dota Underlords or Dota Auto Chess?

The two games Dota Underlords and Dota 2 Auto Chess are quite similar, but both got a lot of users playing it – where is the difference and how do people decide for one?

Dota Underlords Pros and Cons:

Underlords is a stand-alone application beside Dota 2. You can download Dota Underlords for free unlike Dota Artifact, which costs money.Dota Underlords Screenshot The game is playable on mobile as well as on desktop, this is what makes Dota Underlord successfull! You can play it anywhere, on the train, at work or wherever you want! 😉 Underlords has typical Dota 2 content, but is able to change things because of their own engine, gamedesign and balancing. The matchmaking system works nice and the competition is high to climb up and get better!
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Dota Auto Chess Pros and Cons:

Dota Auto Chess is easier to access, you don’t have to install a completely new game, you can simply join the fun map area in Dota 2, browse Auto Chess and start a match. The map download takes about 5 seconds and you are ready to go!Dota Auto Chess Screenshot The game finder will queue you into the next Dota Auto Chess match and it will take under minute to start the game. The game is using 100% of the Dota 2 engine and mechanics and is limited to it, also the ranked matchmaking is a bit limited, unless you are not playing in a league.
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