Dota 2 Pro Topson – The Creative Solo Mid Dominator

Top 3 Heroes:Monkey King, Invoker, and Arc Warden
Real Name:Topias Miikka Taavitsainen

Topson is a finish Dota 2 player who started as a high climbing pubstar on the MMR ladder and later won the Dota 2 International with team OG in 2018 and 2019 with a tremendous prize pool.

About Topson:

Topson AvatarTopson’s Strength:
His ultimate power is his flexibility and his skill set, he is able to invent new Dota 2 builds and tactics, wherefore he needs superfast reactions.

Who is Dota 2 Topson?

Dota 2 Topson IntroductionTopias Miikka Taavitsainen aka Topson is a professional Dota 2 player which has the same home country like JeraX: Finland. He won the TI8 and the TI9 with team OG and arised from a nobody to one of the famoust and most successfull Dota 2 players in a short period of time.

Topson is known for unorthodox and unique playstyles – this is the reason why so many people love him and also love to watch and copy his new methods: Topson made himself a name inside the Dota community by ranking top in the Europe region.

Topson’s Builds:
He got extremely popular because of his next-level gameplay and wicked item build experiments. Experimenting with new builds was his specialty. When he started to do things over and over again the new playstyle was copied by thousands and was something like a new Dota 2 meta!

How old is Topson?

Dota 2 Topson aka Topias Miikka Taavitsainen is born in 1998 while writing this article about him in 2019 he is 21 years old. He started playing Dota 2 early: Topson is into MOBA gaming since he was eight years old.

What is Topson’s Dota 2 MMR Rank?

Topson Dota 2 MMR RankTopon’s highest offical MMR that was listed on the Dota 2 Leaderboards is 8967 MMR in solo MMR.

His current Dota 2 score is 8884 Solo MMR and 5298 team MMR. Topson’s Dota 2 rank is the immortal rank with a 9. on it (place 9). He has not calibrated his Support and Core MMR yet, but after checking his solo and party MMR the new calculation method would make sense: Like many other players Topson realized that getting high in Solo MMR is much easier than with friends.

What is Topson’s Dotabuff Profile?

Topson plays on the Europe West server and has over 10.000 games on his account. His name on Dotabuff is OG.Topson. He is mostly playing solo ranked matchmaking with the all pick mode. It’s funny that he has only 51%, it’s because of testing so many different strategies. But his solo MMR shows: If he wants to win, he can play deadly serious.

He was quite active over the years and on his activity below you can see how frequently he played:Unfortunately he is not playing casually with his main account anymore since 2018, but he is active on smurfs.

What are Topson’s best Dota 2 Heroes?

Topsons best Dota 2 HeroesAccording to Topson’s Dotabuff profile his best heroes overall are Invoker, Monkey King, Earth Spirit and also Storm Spirit. In his early days, he invented the Pugna mid playstyle and was able to beat anymore who came mid against him.

Topson’s Invoker with Meteor Hammer Combo:

Invoker with Meteor HammerLet us assume if you are playing invoker, what would be your first significant item? Spirit Vessel or Aghanim Sceptre right? Topsons first item is Meteor Hammer! Guess what, it works well for him in the early game. Close range tornado, Channel Meteor Hammer, Chaos Meteor/Sun Strike along with Normal attacks – and the enemy hero is eliminated. This guy is an absolute genius, but sometimes these experiments do not go well. Therefore, the teammates start blaming him.

Topson sometimes is playing Invoker with a Quas Wex build, Spirit Vessel and Meteor Hammer instead of Aghanims or Midas. Like that he can get active and offensive on the map early on instead of farming 20 minutes like many other Invoker players.

Here you can see the burn damage after using Cold Snap, Meteor Hammer and Spirit Vessel:

Topson’s Twitch Profile – What is he streaming?

His twitch account is called Topsonous and he is also playing under the nickname “sick plays c”. He got over 40.000 followers and view peaks up to 4000 people at the same time. He is only streaming Dota 2 and is often showing his casual tactics, that own any enemy on the lane.

Topson’s E-Sport Dota 2 Story: The Journey from a Noobie to an International TI Winner

carry player topsonTopson’s main Dota 2 account was created in 2011 and in 2012 he started a mass gaming journey until 2018. How was Topson able to do that and what brought him to the biggest Dota 2 event in the world after 6 years of playing?

Topson’s rapid MMR Boost on the Dota 2 Leaderboards:

In his early years, Topson was able to climb the ladder of the European Dota 2 leaderboards and reached the Top 200 after a short period of time. He was already streaming and just playing for fun. Once he reached 7000 MMR in solo he said he started taking it seriously…
Then he was able to reach nearly 9000 MMR in 2 months, it was a total explosion of his MMR stats, he was just winning and winning!

Topson MMR BoostHis Pugna mid was just stomping the enemy team and Topson’s plays started to be the meta for the respective patch at that time. He became famous because of this rapid MMR increase in such a short time! If we take a look onto Topson’s Dotabuff account activity we can see how much he played. Over 10.000 games in about 6 years of playing, that are 1500+ games each year, who of us got the time to play so much? It’s quite nerdy to do so, but maybe it’s essential if you want to become a professional Dota 2 player, you have to play a lot. By checking his green big circles he often was able to make 9-3 or 12-4 on a single day, assuming that one game is worth 25 MMR points, he was able to increase his MMR by 100-250 each day. If you climb that fast it’s no wonder that Topson was able to make 2000 MMR in 2 months!

In 2016 Topson made his first attempts to become a professional Dota 2 player:

Topson started his professional gaming career at the end of 2016 with a team called Oogway. This team was the lowest in ranks, Topson participated with them in a few tournaments. However, it ended up bad: It was his worst gaming experience of his life. Topson said, during that time, I did not even felt like playing with a professional team. Therefore in 2017, Topson left the team and joined the SFt3-sports.

Topson's Dota 2 TeamsTopson stayed for a few months with the SFt3-sports, but this team was not meant for him. So, he left the team and joined the Five Anchors no captains. In the beginning, Topson won a few small tournaments, but the team could not survive in major tournaments.

In April 2018, Topson left the team. TI8 was near, and he thought no one will add him now in their team. At that time, Topson barely had a one year of professional gaming career in Dota 2. The sad part was that he only made $13000 in his entire Dota 2 career by now, because of his low tier teams. Those teams could not even qualify for The International, something had to happen…

Topson received the life-changing E-mail to join OG:

Leaving the team just three months before the ti8 was the best decision Topson made. At that same time, Fly and S4 betrayed Notail and OG to join the Team EG.Dota 2 Team OGNotail was severely in search for a mid laner and a carry. He was quite aware of Topson’s epic mid gameplay. Therefore he gave it a try: Notail e-mailed Topson and offered him to join Team OG as a mid-laner . Topson did not wait for a second and agreed on it. It was his first time to play along with a high tier Team…

It was an epic chance for Topson to show his skills to the world. The International 2018 for the first big tournament Topson was playing in his career. Notail played a big gamble because he believed in Topson’s skills.
The main reason, Notail chose Topson was that when they were testing his skills. Notail noticed Topson’s perspective of analyzing the game is quite different from us. Moreover, in every game, he gives his best and pushes his limits!

The Dota 2 International 2018 was the first big challenge for Topson

Team OG 2018 WinnerThe Ti8 started, and Topson showed his pro mid laner skills to everyone. No one was daring to stand in front of his monkey king. OG ended most of the game with a 2-0. At that time, Notail realized he made the best decision of his life. Topson played a significant role in helping Notail to take his revenge. In the EG vs OG match, Topson did not even let EG players move in front of his Invoker and Monkey King.

Topson and Team OG kept their collaboration and strategies until the end. Ultimately, it became the reason behind their win in the Grand Finale. Topson participated in his first high Tier Tournament and won it. People were calling him an underdog. But that Underdog became a millionaire in no time and proved the world who he is.

After the Tournament, Topson said a few sentences in an interview that showed his love towards his teammates and the trust they had into him:
“Playing with OG has been very rewarding. I think we have very good team synergy and everyone enjoys playing with each other.”
“I haven’t set any goals for TI8 except to play my best and hope it’s gonna be enough!”

Topson dominated the Ti 2019 with his mid heroes and claimed the MVP:

Team OG International 2019After winning The International 2018, Topson became the permanent member of Team OG. Moreover, it became popular among other professional players. Now, he used to do those build experiments along with them. Most of the time, the pro players get angry and curse Topson for his gameplay. But it did not matter to Topson because he was having fun.

Topson participated in some significant events along with OG after winning the TI8. He did not take a break and kept practicing for The International 2019.

When the TI9 started, Topson started showing his magic again to the world from the match one. Topson dominated every opponent with all the heroes he picked. Because of Topson, OG became the first team in the Ti9 to reach the Grand Finale.Team OG with Topson Winner 2019The main show was in the Grand Final when Topson dominated the enemies Templar Assasin and Juggernaut with his Pugna. That epic Pugna gameplay was the sickest I ever saw in my life. Moreover, having a grim stroke in the team was an absolution combo. Grim Uses his Ulti and silences two enemies. Later on, Topson with his Pugna kills both without letting them move. Outstanding.

Topson showed next-level gaming all over the tournament and became the MVP of The International 2019. A 21-year-old with two consecutive wins in the International…

E-Sport Earnings and Dota 2 Income of Topson:

The early days of Topson were disastrous and he had nearly no income through Dota 2. But still, this guy managed to generate $5,410,036.37 and got the Fifth position in the world ranking. Topson made all this money in two years. Who have thought a Noobie will become a Millionaire in no time?Topson E-Sport Earnings

Topson’s Plans for the future

After the TI9 Topson said he might take a Dota 2 pause. Let’s hope it’s not for long and that he particiaptes in the Dota 2 International 2020. He is streaming from time to time, checkout his twitch stream Topsonous. Meanwhile Topson launched his own website:

Topson Launches his Merchandize

After Jerax published his own website, Topson did the same after a few month: He added some exciting features on his websites. A blog about Team OG and the life of Topson. On his website you can buy merchandise with Topson’s logo. In the Future, he is planning to come up with some fantastic T-shirts. 😉

Topson always stuck to his goals and made his success happen! Do not lose your hope and keep chasing your dreams if you are giving for full efforts. You will surely get what you are seeking. Keep up the hard work.

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