How can I sell Dota 2 Items and Skins? (Step by Step Guide) + Tips

In Dota 2 it is super simple to sell, buy, and trade your cosmetic items and skins.
Just follow the step by step guides to make sure you are doing it right. 😉

Table of Content:
1. Selling Guide
2. Buying Guide
3. Trading Guide
4. Trading Tips & Trade Websites

1. Selling Guide: How to Sell Dota 2 Items on the Steam Market:

The most legit platform for selling Dota 2 items is the steam market. Follow these simple steps, and you can sell your items in minutes.

  • Run Steam (Login is necessary).
  • On top of the screen, you will find the “community” button. Click on it.
  • A drop-down menu will appear, select the “market” option in the drop-down menu.
  • It will redirect you to the community market page, there you will find a “sell an item” button.sell dota 2 items
  • Click on the button, and it will pop up your Dota 2 and steam items.
  • Select the item you want to sell.
  • After selecting, click on the “sell” button. The item is now listed for buyers. As soon as someone buys it, you will get an email and the amount of money to your steam account.Dota 2 selling Items

2. Buying Guide: How to Buy Dota 2 Items through Steam:

Players can buy and sell items from the same place using the Steam community.

  • Run Dota 2.
  • Select the heroes option in the top menu.
  • Select the desired hero for which you want to buy something. A detailed hero page will appear.
  • Select the loadout option, and it will show all the buyable items of the specific hero.
  • Click on the amount of money and it will redirect you to the steam page.
  • Multiple offers will appear for that item, and you can select the lowest one.
  • Now, the payment page will appear. If you have credit in your steam wallet, then you have successfully purchased the item.
  • Otherwise, it will redirect you to a page through which you can buy various steam wallets from $5 to $100 through local payment methods.
  • After this, you will find your item in your inventory.
  • Now you can equip it!

3. Trading Guide: Step by Step guide How to Trade in Dota 2:

  • Run Dota 2 and tell your friend to run it as well.
  • In the friend list, right click on the friend’s profile.
  • Select the “invite to trade” option. trade dota 2 items
  • It will redirect you to the steam trade page.
  • Now you have to place the items into the box which you want to trade with your friend. Note: Not all items in your inventory are tradeable; only the items with giftable or tradeable mark are eligible for trading.
  • Check which items your friend is giving you for that, double check the value of both boxes, especially if the other trader is a stranger. dota 2 trade
  • Confirm the trade.
  • You will receive a code on mobile authentication.
  • Enter the code, and your trade is successful.

Important: Your trading partner should be at least 30 days in your friend’s list. On the other hand, the same restrictions are not applied to gifts. If you want to gift an item to your friend, then the limitation is a minimum of 15 days in a friend list.

What are the Restrictions for Trading Dota 2 items in Steam?

To trade your Dota 2 items, you must have to follow some requirements of steam.

  • If you want to trade on Steam, then it can only be held with your friends, you have added on steam or Dota 2.
  • Both parties need to have mobile authentication activated.
  • Each account must have at least one successful purchase.
  • The steam guard of both traders should be enabled for 15 days.
  • If you have recently, changed or reset your password by using the steam support, then you again have to wait for 15 days with steam guard enabled. This limitation is applied to buying and selling on items as well.
  • If your steam account is not activated for more than two months, then you have to wait for 30 days.
  • Some accounts receive VAC bans because of unethical activities (checkout the report guide and FAQ here). In most cases, it is a permanent ban, and players with the permanent ban, can not trade.
  • With whom you are trading should be on your friend list for at least 30 days. Otherwise, the trade would not work.

4. Dota 2 Trading Tips and Recommended Trading Platforms:

Besides the Steam marketplace, there a tons of other options where you can buy, sell and trade dota 2 items and all other steam items as well. Here are the basics listed for you to make successful deals that even work out for Dota 2 beginners. 😉

Top 3 online platforms to buy and sell Dota 2 items

Many online businesses are buying and selling Dota 2 items, but it is hard to find the most legit ones. Below is the list of top 3 online platforms from which you can easily buy and sell your items.

All three of them are popular among the Dota 2 community, and you can buy and sell your items to them without any doubt, just always act thoughtful.

How to sell Dota 2 Items with on Third Party Sites?

  • Create an account on the trading platform or website, it’s often a social Steam login, it will require your inventory/Steam URL.
  • Select the payment option through which you want to be get paid.
  • Choose the items you want to sell.
  • Select the offers for the items at which price you want to sell them.
  • Wait for a buyer or website to buy your items.
  • After selling check your account.

How to buy Dota 2 Items on Third Party Sites?

  • Create an account.
  • Select the game for which you want to buy items (these stores sell items of many games).
  • Select the Dota 2 item you want to buy.
  • Checkout and make the payment.
  • Check your mail, and the seller will contact you soon.
  • Later on, you will receive your items on the steam account.
  • At the end, go the website and confirm the delivery.

Step by Step Example: How to sell Dota 2 items on Skins Cash? is an online business store that buys and sells Dota 2 items at reasonable prices. The buying rate for some items is lower than the steam market.

  • Open the skins cash website. Best Dota 2 Marketplaces
  • Login by using your Steam account (it is necessary).
  • Create a trade URL and copy it into the box.
  • It will redirect you to your Dota 2 items page.
  • Select the items you want to sell.
  • In the end, select the payment method through which you want to beget paid for your items, such as PayPal, Mastercard, Skrillz, etc.

Are there more Methods for selling and buying Dota 2 Items?

Almost every country has its Facebook pages and groups for buying and selling of Dota 2 items. However, it is not a legit way of selling your items because the rate of scam is high. The prices must be good for the items, but the chances of losing the items are also high. It is efficient to sell items to big, well-known reputable platforms at a bit low price instead of risking items on a non-legit platform!

Have fun trading! 😉

For more Dota 2 guides checkout the Dota 2 overview.

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