How to report in Dota 2? (Report System Guide)

Easy guide how to report other players and important things you need to know about the Dota 2 Report System!

How can I report someone in Dota 2?

  • At the end of a Dota 2 match the performance page will appear.
  • Above each hero, there are two options, commend and report. This can only be done directly after the game, it will dissapear after some time.
  • Click onto the report this player option and a popup will open.
  • You have four report options, three permanent main options and sometimes temporary options (fnd an explanation of the temporary one below).

    Permanent options to report a player:
    1. Communication Abuse
    2. Intentional Ability Abuse
    3. Intentional feeding
  • Select the option that fits the most, enter a short describing text and submit the report. report in Dota 2

Is the Report System really
necessary in Dota 2?

No doubts, it is. Reporting other players is a highly used feature in Dota 2 for tons of reasons. It is splitting professional/good players from unprofessional and immoral players for a limited time.

Especially for new players and Dota 2 beginners the normal games and calibration games can be ruined by other players and put a negative light onto the Dota community.

If you are Dota 2 player, then you may have experienced various in-game situations like boosted accounts, bought Dota 2 accounts, crying kids, game throwers, ability spammers and abusing people. Also the english language is often refused in Dota 2 by specific player groups.Dota 2 FlamerThese type of people ruin the whole game, and you have to lose your win streak and MMR (if it’s a ranked match). To avoid playing with these criminals in the future, Valve designed a Dota 2 reporting system:

Due to the strong punishment, the reporting system allows playing good games. The rage quit rate is quite low in my games (I am an Ancient 7 player). It’s super rare nowadays that a player ragequits or disconnects due to his ping, and we all know why: Because the punishment games, also called low priority games are the most toxic experience a Dota 2 player can make: Criminals, child abuser, drug victims and you, a normal guy are thrown into an arena! That can’t end up good. 😀 😀 😀

Each Dota 2 player is allowed to make 3 reports per week. Like this Valve ensures that reports will only be used for major misbehaviour.

The Four Dota 2 Report Options in Detail:

The reporting system has three permanent and one temporary option. All the options are:

  • Communicational Abuse: Trash talk is a significant part of Dota 2, but sometimes it is off the shelf. For that kind of irritating situations, you can use this option.
  • Intentional Ability Abuse: Some Allie players act like a kid and start spamming spells on your hero such as Tiny’s Toss, Pugna’s Ethereal, and many more. Moreover, they even begin stealing creeps using low cooldown spells. For that kind of kid players, this option is best.
  • Intentional Feeding: This option is mainly for throwers, feeders, and account buyers. You can report players with a high death rate.
  • Battle Pass Report Option: This option is only for Battle pass owners; it helps you in not meeting the same irritating player again. By using this option, you will never reach the same player back.

Extra tip: You can select all three options at a time or four if you are a Battle Pass owner.

How to make a Dota 2 Report worth noticeable for Valve?

The reporting system of Dota 2 is automated: When several reports for a single player sum up, it can possibly punish him. But then also the intensity of a single report can make the difference!
Report Tips and Tricks
But how to make the maximum of your report, even if your friends got no more reports left?
I have experienced a big difference in writing a description or not:
Below the report selection, you can enter a message! Write a note about the problems you faced and everything the player did. Be 100% respectful and write in a proper and kind way or it might be seen as a revenge report.

Example of a good report text:
“XYZ player was so irritating, he/she abused me the whole time and spammed many spells to irritate me. You can also confirm it, check at 23:01 of the game and you will see the problem. Kindly punish this player. Thank You.”

How do Reported Dota 2
Players get Punished?

Excessive and valid reports can cause a player to face multiple punishments. It is the only way set by Valve to create a suitable environment for the Dota 2 player base and community!

Dota 2 Punishment Levels:

  • First Punishment:
    After getting 3 or more reports in a short time or if you leavematches you might get your first puhishment: You get 1 to 3 low priority matches if you do not stop irritating other fellow players. The penalty will increase.
  • Second Punishment:
    The low priority matches will increase from 3 to 5, if you are still not behaving well and people are reporting you.
  • Third Punishment:
    Then things get dangerous! 😀 You will receive a one-day penalty. You are not able to play matchmaking at all. If this happens be careful.
  • Fourth and Final Punishment:
    The next stage of punishment is quite severe: You get a 6-month ban.

Info: Excessive reports also reduce the behaviour score of the player, learn more about this score below.

How does Low Priority Matches work?

Low Priority Games in Dota 2Low-priority is a punishment that the player receives after getting excessive reports or leaving on-going math. During low-priority, you cannot play ranked matches or nprmal matches – the system bewares other players from these misbehaving guys. In low-priority matches you can only play the Single Draft mode.
Panelties in Dota 2In Single Draft, a player is bound to choose between three random heroes. Moreover, to reduce the penalties, it is necessary to win the game. Otherwise, you will stick to the same number of penalties.

Sometimes it gets so hard to leave the low-priority because nearly no one puts much effort into these matches. This leads to even more discouraged players and you can often see leavers and afk guys in low-prio matches…
This is why low-prio is extremely hated and why the community is complaining so much about it. Once you get in, it is extremely hard and humiliating to get out…

Note: If you did not behave well in low priority and try to irritate fellow players again, then your penalties will get more severe.

How to Check How Many Reports
you have received in Dota 2?

In Dota 2, there is an option of conduct summary, and it shows all the abandons, reports, and commends you have received in the past 25 games.

  • Run Dota 2.
  • Click on your profile.
  • Below your profile you will see the “Conduct Summary” option. It is next to edit profile button.steps to check how many reports
  • Click on Conduct Summary, and you will see three options: Abandons, Reports and Commends.

Dota 2 Conduct Behavior-Score:

Below these options, you will see your overall conduct. Overall conduct matters a lot because it identifies your behavior with other players. If you are a Battle Pass subscriber, then you are aware of a feature called coach challenge. In this feature, you act as a coach of a team.

Requirements to become a Coach:

  • Fifty or more match made games played.
  • MMR 1000 or higher.
  • 8000 or more behavior score.

If you want to act as a coach, then you have to keep your conduct summary positive because conduct summary affects the overall conduct of the Player

To be a reliable player in the Dota 2 community, calculated by Valve it is crucial to have a behavior-score of 8000 or higher.

How to Improve your
Behavior-Score in Dota 2?

Behavior score is crucial for Battle Pass owner’s as well as non-Battle Pass owners. However, Valve nowadays prevents players with low behavior score from playing ranked matches for good reasons: They can ruin other players MMR as well and destroy what Dota 2 makes great: Teamplay.

For Battle Pass owner’s the behavior-score is necessary because they have to act as a coach and complete the Battle Pass Achievements. If a player wants to increase it’s Battle Pass level’s, then it is essential to complete all the achievements.

Conduct summary in Dota 2

If you have low behavior score, then follow these simple steps:

  • Mark your lane and select your role, pick the hero according to the role and lane.
  • After getting into a match, mute all the players, including your enemy. It will help in controlling your trash talk.
  • During the game, click on the stats option and below you will see a shared unit option.
  • Click on it and uncheck all the boxes. After this, no ally will be able to spam spells on your hero. Note: It has a disadvantage as well, and they are not able to heal you, save you or any other thing they can do with a spell. Only do this if you are a ragequiter. 😉
  • Co-operate with your team and contribute to ganks.
  • Hope you will win the game, at the end write a message to all, please commend or “MVP please”.
  • Select a player for MVP who might send it back and commend all players who might commend you as well. Players will commend back, trust me.
  • The higher number of commends, the more your behavior rate will increase. Moreover, if you become MVP in a match, then your behavior-score will boost even more elevated.

By adopting these techniques, you will receive fewer reports in Dota 2.


The reporting system in Dota 2 is quite beneficial, even if it’s hard for us sometimes. Everyone has one day been in low priority, but it’s like being in prison, it’s a punishment which you do not want to experience again! 😉
Moreover, it is the best way to keep a friendly environment. Avoid talking to immature players, and try your best in increasing your rank because of the higher level you have, the less naive players you will face. Increase your behavior score and an act as a respectable member of the Dota 2 community! 😉

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OK! your report system is nice done but! still there a problem when your Analyse Server need more time as normal… so when we finish the game and join in Menü the only think is to reconect after short time I see the last matchmacking but I cant use anymore that REPORT system! SO I want so much report 3 Players for bad language and bad gameplay! And they
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this report feature not working dota2 really is dying because of this toxic players later on only divines and immortal will be the only one playing dota 2