New Dota 2 Hero: Snapfire Introduction (Coming After TI9)

During the live event of the Dota 2 International 2019, Valve unveiled a new hero that is coming to us: Snapfire.The TI 9 had a prize pool of over $34 million dollars and OG was able to claim the win for the second time! And to make things even greater, Valve had something to show off themselves and presented the new hero Snapfire: A grandma on a cute lizard! 😀

What kind of Hero is Snapfire and what do we know yet?

Snapfire Riding Mount LizardSnapfire is an adorable grandma with a big gun and glasses and she loves to bake cookies. Her loyal convenient is a giant lava-spewing lizard that is looking super sweet with his big face and his small teeth.
The new Dota 2 hero Snapfire is an elderly goblin with explosive skills and big firepower coming out of her shotgun and out of the mouth of the lizard mount.

Snapfire’s Keen Folk class and Comparison to other Online game characters:

Grandma Snapfire belongs to the Keen Folk in Dota 2 – a technologically advanced race with modern abilities combined with strong magic. She is entering the Dota 2 hero arena and is comparable to Sniper, Gyrocopter, and Tinker. Her abilities and her dragon give her mindblowing firepower and we will see how the final outcome will be! Let’s get ready for her, I am already hyped! 😉

Snapfire Comparison to Ana from OverwatchSnapfire comparisson to Helen from Watch DogsIf we compare Snapfire to heroes out of other games we can see similiarities to Ana from Overwatch and Helen from Watch Dogs

She is a badass grandma with a huge gun. That will add some style to the Dota 2 hero section!

Dota 2 Snapfire Introduction Video and Gameplay:

This is the official Dota 2 Snapfire trailer that has been shown on the International 2019:

From the video we can get a lot, we can expect what her abilities are and make guesses how she is playable!

What are Snapfire’s Spells and Abilities?

What will Snapfire be like? Let’s bring together what we know yet:

  • Snapfire Dota 2 AbilitiesSnapfire baking hero cookiesSnapfire is baking cookies with hero faces on it and is trowing them onto the enemy. This could be just a funny part of the video, but it’s also possible to see one of her first abilities here. It might be a buff that she’s able to distribute to allies, maybe she can copy abilities from the enemy and give allies an advantage. This might point out that she is a support hero, but let’s stay open to any role she will fullfill.
  • In the video she is power striking with her gun, it might be an offensive damage spell to release the bullets onto the enemy.
  • Snapfire Mount with FirepowerAlso her cute lizard mount has firepower: he is able to make a gout of flame to bring down enemies or maybe also trees. The lava in the video is burning down Timbersaw. This could mean that the firespell is reducing the armor of the enemy hero or a break mechanic.
  • The lizard might give a speed boost with huge jumps. That points into the direction of a mobility spell, maybe a leap like mirana?
  • Her mount is eating a creep, it might be one of her basic attacks to have a ranged attack with her shotgun but also a melee attack with her mount.
  • Icefrog the main developer of Dota 2 is open for innovation and for new game mechanics. Maybe we can expect a new type of ability!

Release Date of the new Dota 2 Hero Snapfire:

Valve said, Snapfire is coming in autumn 2019 which is soon.
The past has shown that after Dota 2 Internationals and when the Battle pass has ended successfully, Valve was pleased to release the new heroes fast. Hopefully, we can see her in the game before winter is coming! 😀 Dota 2 Snapfire Release Date
We do not have an exact date, but I am sure it won’t take too long. Snapfire is the next hero on the list, afterwards Valve wants to publish Void Spirit, a mysterious new spirit element.

Dota 2 Hero Combos

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