List of all Dota 2 Global Abilities (COMBOS) + Best AOE Spells

All of the Dota 2 global abilities in one list, these spells are perfect for combos and tactics if you play a party match. Pick some of these global spells together and stomp your enemies! Also the best AOE spells of Dota 2 are listed for nice combos! 😉

All Dota 2 Global Hero Abilities:

Hero NameSpell NameDamage/HealCool downAghanims
ZeusThundergod’s Wrath225/ 325/ 42590Create’s Nimbus which deal with damage in an AOE.
SpectreHauntHaunt Illusions, damage 40%/ 60%/ 80%180/ 150/ 120Can perform Haunt on a single enemy
Nature’s  ProphetWrath of NatureDamage Bounces of the Wind 110/ 140/ 17060Damage Increase, Treant spawns on unit and hero kill
Centaur WarrunerStampedeStrength Multiplier Damage 1/2/3110/ 100/ 90Increases 40% damage reduction
Night StalkerDark AscensionBonus Damage 50/ 100/ 150140/ 130/ 120No effect on Dark Ascension
Omni KnightGuardians AngelImmunity from physical damage160/ 150/ 140Applies globally and increases HP regeneration by 40
MiranaMoonlight ShadowAllies get invisible, Fade Delay 2.5/ 2/ 1.5140/ 120/ 100No effect on Moonlight Shadow
SilencerGlobal SilenceSilence 4.5/ 5.25/ 6130No effect on Global Silence
ChenHand of God250/ 425/ 600160/ 140/ 120Large Cooldown Reduction

For super strong tactics checkout the Dota 2 hero combo page.

Spells that get Global trough Talent Tree:

Invoker Mega Sunstrike

Hero NameSpell NameRequired Talent Tree Level
InvokerSun Strike automatically on every enemyLevel 25
Sky Wrath MageConcussive Shot globalLevel 20
GyrocopterCall Down (Ultimate) globalLevel 25

Super High Range Dota 2 Spells:

Hero NameSpell NameDamage/HealCool downAghanims
PudgeMeat HookDamage 150/ 220/ 290/ 36027/ 22/ 17/ 12No effect on Meat Hook
ClockwerkRocket FlareDamage 80/ 120/ 160/ 20020/ 18/ 16/ 14No effect on Rocket Flare
IORelocateTeleport Allie/ itself90/ 75/ 60No effect on Relocate
Spirit BreakerCharge of DarknessCharges a hero, stun duration 1.2/ 1.6 / 2/ 2.411No effect on Charge of Darkness
UnderLordDraft RiftTeleports Radius 600130/ 120/ 110No effect on Draft Rift
GyrocopterCall DownOne Missile Damage 150/ 250/ 350, second missile damage 100/ 150/20055/ 50/ 45No effect on call down but on level 25 talent tree it makes call down global
MeepoPoofTeleports control unit and deals damage 70/ 90/ 110/ 13012/ 10/ 8/ 6No effect on Poof
Templar AssassinPoison TrapDamage 250/ 300/ 35011/ 8/ 5Can Teleport on any Poison Trap
Ancient ApparitionIce BlastDamage Per Second
12.5/ 20/ 32
40Increases Ice Blast Duration: 17

Top 10 Dota 2 AOE Abilities:

Hero NameSpell NameDamage/HealCool downAghanims
AxeBerserker’s CallForces enemy and Bonus Armor16/ 14/ 12/ 10No effect of Aghanims but level 25 tree can increase +100 AOE
Earth ShakerEcho SlamDamage per unit 70/ 90/ 110150/ 130/ 110No effect on Echo Slam
KunkkaGhost ShipDamage 400/ 500/ 60060/ 50/ 40Drags enemy with the ship
MarsArena of BloodDamage 120/ 185/ 25090/ 75/ 60Decreases cooldown of God’s rebuke
TideHunterRavageDamage 200/ 300/ 400150No effect on Ravage
Monkey KingWukong’s CommandBonus armor 12/ 18/ 24130/ 110/ 90No effect on Wukong’s Command
Keeper of the LightWill-O-WispAttracts enemy in radius120No effect on Will-O-Wisp
Outworld DevourerSanity’s EclipseIntelligence Damage Multiplier 8/ 9/ 10160No effect on Sanity’s Eclipse
Sky Wrath MageMystic FlareDamage 700/ 1150/ 160060/ 40/ 20Cast one more Mystic Flare at a nearby random area.
Ancient ApparitionIce BlastDamage Per Second

12.5/ 20/ 32

40Increases Ice Blast Duration: 17

What are global and AEO abilities in Dota 2?

Global Abilities Dota 2Each hero in Dota 2 has unique spells and every single spell has a high potential if used perfectly. In Dota 2 two abilitiy types exist: active and passive. Active abilities require instruction from the player and passive abilities work on its own.

Global abilities are rare abilities, and only a few heroes acquire it in Dota 2. It means that the full Dota 2 map is somehow effected. Global spells do not have a range limit. For example, the Zeus ulti damages all of the 5 enemy heroes with a lightning bolt out of the sky no matter where they are. They get instantly shot and are made visible on the map. Global abilities are special abilities and often the ultimate spell of a hero.

AOE Abilities are abilities that can affect an area of effect instead of one single target. These spells also can kill multiple enemies at the same time. If a few AOE spells are combined together it can destroy a full enemy team. Check out the table above to find good synergies for your party.Dota 2 AOE Spells

What are the famous Global Combos in Dota 2?

  • Dota Combo 1: Offensive Damage Team: The most famous combo in Dota 2 is to use all of the global spells at the same time and is called the Dota 2 Global Killer Tactic. It requires Zeus ulti, Spectre ulti, and Nature’s Prophet ulti. This means a huge damage output in seconds and Spectre can hunt down low hp enemies. Super effective in matchups with low hp enemies.
  • Dota Combo 2: Protective Global Team: Wait for the team fight and if it starts, use the global Omni Knight ultimate, when it is nearly over, activate the Silencer ultimate and all enemies will have serious problems. Meanwhile, you can use Chen ultimate for the heal and Centaur ultimate to escape in the end. If done well this combination could possibly safe anyone in a fight.

What are your favorite hero combinations? Write a comment below! 😉

How to increase the cast range of spells in Dota 2?

Dota 2 has multiple features through which players can increase the cast range of hero abilities.

Many heroes have an increased cast range or increased AOE cast range trough the Dota 2 Talent Tree. Also the item Aether lens increases the cast range of 80% of the spells by 250. It requires two items and one recipe to build this item: Energy Booster + Void stone + Recipe. Aether lens is commonly used on support heroes. Below is the list of heroes on which Aether Lens affects a lot.

Long Pudge Hook

  • On Pudge, it gives a massive boost to Meat Hook and Pudge can also use its Ulti from a range.
  • Rubick can steal spells from a larger distance. Moreover, the range of Telekinesis and Fade Bolt also increases.
  • Ogre Magi can use his Fireblast to stun the enemy by even staying out of its range.
  • Nyx Assassin has good movement speed while being in its Vendetta form with Aether lens the range of its impale spikes will get longer. It can stun multiple enemies at the same time.
  • Lion has four active abilities, and Aether lens improves all of them. He can become a high range stunner, nuker and attacker.
  • Skywrath Mage is a dominating hero for players that have fast hands. They can make their enemy suffer by using Aether lens. Combo: Ancient Seal + Concussive Shots + Ancient Seal + Arcane Bolt = The Enemy hero is dead as hell. 😉

When is the Best Time to use AOE Spells in Dota 2?

AOE spells are meant to be in Dota 2 to affect enemies in an area. Most AOE spells are stronger than usual spells as well as they are also harder to use. AOE spells consume more mana than usual spells and most of the time have a high cooldown. It is efficient to use AOE spells in an area where more than two enemies are standing or a lot of creeps are involved.

The perfect moment to use AOE spells requires teamplay. One player should always use active spells to gather enemies to one area, like Darkseer’s Vacuum or Magnus Reverse Polarity Ultimate. That allows to even hit 5 enemy heroes at the same time and can make tremendous damage to win the game!

A strong beneficial example of AOE Spell heroes is Lion. After getting Aghanim’s Spectre you can use Lion’s Ulti in an area. Each death with Ulti gives 1 charge and each charge adds 40 damage to the Ulti. If you have Enigma or Magnus in your team and they can successfully capture all the enemy heroes. This is the perfect time to get a Rampage in just one hit trough AOE spells.

To find the perfect hero for your playstyle, checkout the Dota 2 role guides:

Every spell in Dota is useful, and the main thing is how you use it. Train hard and use nice Dota 2 hero combos together – it’s fun! 😉

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